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Having a funnel that is smart and The World's Best Funnel - Todd Brownoptimized is a game changer.

Imagine going to sleep, having thousands of people visit your site and a percent of them buy your stuff… before you even wake up.

That’d be great, right?

Or maybe you already have that — but need it to happen more.

Either way, regardless of where you’re at — Todd Brown is a funnel expert.

We’ve brought him on today to get you crushing it with your funnel.

His first tip lays the foundation for all the other tips outlined below.

Designing Your Funnel 

Before you think about headlines, offers, or anything…

Go study the competition.

Find out the level of sophistication of your market.

What have they been offered, promised, and how was it delivered?

Start by going out and studying the top ten competitors in your niche.

What is the promise they are making?

What is their story, the story they use to sell?

Get a clear understanding of what your competitors are doing.

Market Place Sophistication 

For Todd, Market Sophistication is the most important part of your work in finding your winning marketing formula.

When you get this one little point alone – it should radically change the way you approach marketing.

So, what is Marketing Sophistication?

It’s the evolution of your buyer.

You see, when a new offer hits the market buyers get excited…

And then every other marketer starts using that method and until consumers becomes immune and stop buying.

Marketing Sophistication can best be illustrated like this:

Let’s say you’ve never seen a coupon.

You get one.

It blows you away and you go out and use that coupon.

Marketers see that coupons work. More and more coupons are circulated. Everyone starts sending you discounts…

Soon that 10% off is boring and you’re immune to that form of marketing.

“No matter how long or short the funnel is, the job is to market it and further the desire of the prospect” -Todd Brown

So, the marketers must change their offer — otherwise the buyers stop buying like they used to, or worse they go away.

So, as the market changes, you must also change.

That’s Marketing Sophistication.

This leads us to the next point Todd makes.

Unique Mechanism

This is the unique piece/ingredient of your product.

Remember when you first heard about how amazing goji berries were? And then suddenly goji berries were the hot new ingredient in health foods.

It’s your job to stay on the leading edge of that new and exciting thing that helps you stand out.


“As marketers we have to differentiate” – Todd Brown


And when your sales pitch becomes extremely popular, the market becomes sophisticated and you need something else.

Things that were new and unique several years ago aren’t the same today.

This is why we must know our market and the promises that have been made.

Having this knowledge will help you stand out and adjust your offer in a way that makes it pop.

Your Unique Message

The most important aspect of your funnel is your message.

Most marketers don’t know the difference between marketing and sales. Sales is about the offer. Marketing is about the prospect.

The better job with marketing, the less sales you have to do. 75% of the funnel is marketing.

“The Job of Marketing is to make selling superflous” – Peter Drucker

When you speak to your prospects in a way that helps them to feel understood, then you don’t have to focus on selling them.

Even the videos in your funnel are designed to establish certain beliefs in the minds of your prospect to get them to buy.

This isn’t about sales. It’s about understanding, connection, and relatability.

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Todd Brown’s Website

Book – Fire, Ready, Aim

Todd’s must-have-book – Breakthrough advertising

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Memebership Sites for Passive Income – Ravi Jayagopal

Thriving Launch by Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon Memebership Sites for Passive Income - Ravi Jayagopal
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If you want a membership site and Memebership Sites for Passive Income - Ravi Jayagopalautomated income — this is the episode for you.

Ravi is the creator of DAP – aka – Digital Access Pass. One of the internet’s best membership sites.

I’ve personally had the honor of being coached by Ravi, seeing how his mind works, and it’s truly a pleasure to have on the show.

In this episode, you’ll learn a system that helps you to build it once and get paid for repeatedly.


Digital Access Pass – easily create a membership site.

CoolCast Player – like our podcast player? Get yourself one too.

ClickFunnels – need to create a funnel to get buyers fast? Grab 14 Day Free Trial.

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Sell High-Ticket Offers From Stage – Justin Devonshire

Thriving Launch Podcast by Luis Congdon & Kamala Chambers Sell High Ticket Offers From Stage - Justin Devonshire
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Sell High-Ticket Offers From Stage - Justin DevonshireJustin is one of the coolest guys I’ve met online.

He’s someone that upon meeting him, we knew we needed his coaching.

We hired him for several hours of coaching.

Justin teaches you to be an amazing speaker who can profit from the stage.

Just a few hours of his coaching made me nearly $10k in 25 minutes.

It’s an incredible feeling to sell from the stage, to have the kind of return of on investment that Justin has given us, is rare to say the least.

When we were first thinking about speaking from the stage, we were scared. We were also nervous about giving away the whole cart… but we weren’t sure what we’d teach, and we sure as hell didn’t know how we’d sell… but we didn’t want to spend over $1,000 to travel and not make money.

Enter Justin — he showed us the ropes. He told us what was needed, gave us confidence, and we ran with it.

Two weeks later we sold more at an event than anyone else –truthfully we think we provided more value and made more money then anyone else.

Three Pro Tips to Sell From Stage

  1. Delivering the content – Teach through case studies
  2. Speaking is 99% about body language
  3. Be more present in your body – Focus on your body, breath and purpose

What does Justin Suggest? Here are the killer tips from Justin

When you speak, always pitch. You’re in business. You’re there to make money. There’s nothing wrong with pitching and selling.

Your presentations from stage should sell the dream, a system, but not the How-To (people will pay for the how-to)

You can create one system – one speech then create a 20 minute version, 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute version of your talk.

Now, you’ve gotten the cheat sheet –BUT if you really want the full monte – listen to the whole interview.

THEN go buy tickets to Biz-N-BrewZ

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Four Essentials to Build Your List with Social Media – Interview with Vicki Irvin

Thriving Launch Podcast by Luis Congdon & Kamala Chambers Four Essentials to Build Your List with Social Media - Interview with Vicki Irvin
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Four Essentials to Build Your List with Social Media - Interview with Vicki Irvin

She’s created a business from scratch and in 12 months it’s worth over one million + dollars.

She knows her stuff.

Now she’s here to give us some insights on how social media can help grow your business.

Before we jump into the bullets and key takeaways – let’s just brag on Vicki Irvin a little more.

She’s been featured in Millionaire Blueprint Magazine, Essence Magazine, CNN’s HLN Prime News, USA Today, Lifetime TV, and the list keeps going…I think we all see now that when Vicki talks, we should listen.

Four Essentials to Build Your List with Social Media

  1. Post often – Choose a place you like to connect with your audience. Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Focus on one place, master that platform, then slowly add another platform.
  2. Mix up your social media posts – use posts that are business, personal, about you, images, and quotes. Mix it up, don’t just do business and don’t just make it personal. Just be sure you’re adding value.
  3. Have a squeeze page – You need a place to send people so they’ll give you their email address. Offer a freebie that will get your audience excited to give you their email. Easily create a squeeze page with Clickfunnels
  4. Adjust depending on the platform – On Instagram, be sure to add a link to your squeeze page in your bio. On Twitter, post images and links to your squeeze page. On Facebook, make it personal and pitch with personality, post videos and quotes.
  5. Gotta come to Biz N Brewz for the pro-level tips!

Must-Have Resources

Cool Cast Player – the best podcast player out there. Simple to embedd, share, and let others put on their social media. It’s what we’re using, you should too.

Profit From Facebook – Learn the methods Luis Congdon has been using to have 4 Figure days back to back using FB in a purely organic way (no ads, just organic posts).

Manager Your Social Media With Ease – Grab Hootsuite to automate and simplify your social media. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

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Hard Core Closer – Interview with Ryan Stewman

Thriving Launch Podcast by Luis Congdon & Kamala Chambers Hard Core Closer - Interview with Ryan Stewman
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A lot of us hate sales…Hard Core Closer - Interview with Ryan Stewman

When I first started in the entrepreneurial trek, I hated sales.

It sucked…and my bank account reflected my inability to close.

So, what did I do?

I hired three sales coaches.

One of them is Ryan Stewman – – Now he graces us on the Thriving Launch podcast.

In this interview, you’ll get key insights into how to have a sales conversation, how to close, and if you’re not closing why that is.

If you’re in business, it’s essential to get over your fear of selling.

In fact, once you learn how to do sales and make some extra money – you’ll come to love sales.

6 Steps to Become a Hard Core Closer

  1. Everyone sells. Get comfortable doing it.
  2. When having a sales call, start by building rapport with the prospect. Ryan’s top tip for this is to ask where the person is from. Then tell them about someone you know in that area, or someone you know in their field of work. This builds rapport and connection.
  3. Ask questions. Diagnose. Ask them about their business, what’s going on, and where they want to get to and what’s holding them back.
  4. Once you’ve seen where they need help, and what their goals are, tell them about how you can help them get to those goals.
  5. Give the potential client a free resource that can help them. Ideally this resource is yours. By giving them a resource you have a reason for follow up later.
  6. Make an offer. Make only one offer and see what they say and how they respond.

Want more sales tips? Come join us at Biz-N-Brews. Ryan, Ray Higdon, Ben Settle, Dan Meredith and many of our past guests will be there.

NOT ONLY THAT you’ll also get to hang out with all of us. It’s a small private event and after each day we’ll all get to hang in person and go grab a beer and dinner together. It’ll be epic – Grab your ticket.

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