Thriving Launch Podcast by Luis Congdon & Kamala Chambers Hard Core Closer - Interview with Ryan Stewman
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A lot of us hate sales…Hard Core Closer - Interview with Ryan Stewman

When I first started in the entrepreneurial trek, I hated sales.

It sucked…and my bank account reflected my inability to close.

So, what did I do?

I hired three sales coaches.

One of them is Ryan Stewman – – Now he graces us on the Thriving Launch podcast.

In this interview, you’ll get key insights into how to have a sales conversation, how to close, and if you’re not closing why that is.

If you’re in business, it’s essential to get over your fear of selling.

In fact, once you learn how to do sales and make some extra money – you’ll come to love sales.

6 Steps to Become a Hard Core Closer

  1. Everyone sells. Get comfortable doing it.
  2. When having a sales call, start by building rapport with the prospect. Ryan’s top tip for this is to ask where the person is from. Then tell them about someone you know in that area, or someone you know in their field of work. This builds rapport and connection.
  3. Ask questions. Diagnose. Ask them about their business, what’s going on, and where they want to get to and what’s holding them back.
  4. Once you’ve seen where they need help, and what their goals are, tell them about how you can help them get to those goals.
  5. Give the potential client a free resource that can help them. Ideally this resource is yours. By giving them a resource you have a reason for follow up later.
  6. Make an offer. Make only one offer and see what they say and how they respond.

Want more sales tips? Come join us at Biz-N-Brews. Ryan, Ray Higdon, Ben Settle, Dan Meredith and many of our past guests will be there.

NOT ONLY THAT you’ll also get to hang out with all of us. It’s a small private event and after each day we’ll all get to hang in person and go grab a beer and dinner together. It’ll be epic – Grab your ticket.

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