Luis Congdon has successfully built an online business in one year’s time and prior to that had no online business experience. Utilizing podcasting and Facebook (without ads), Luis has learned incredible methods to bootstrap a business and network into some of the most coveted circles.

He’s been able to land JV partnerships and speaking gigs with some of the biggest names in online marketing and self-help. Luis can speak on relationship success, networking, podcasting, Facebook and social media for sales – without ads.

His methods have landed him praise from the likes of Todd Brown, John Lee Dumas, Bas Rutten, Ben Settle, Kevin Rogers, and many others.

Extra Notes About Luis Congdon

+Born to a drug-addicted mother in Medellin, Colombia during the height of the Colombian cocaine-cartel. His mother was murdered when he was 5 years old; thereafter he was homeless for three years as a child.

+Adopted when he was 8 years old to the USA. At age 18, he returned to Medellin, Colombia – reunited with his biological family, relearned Spanish, and met his biological father for the first time.

+Luis Congdon graduated Cum Laude from Seattle University – a private Jesuit University.

+Taught marriage education courses for the nations (USA) largest relationship research project. He’s taught the work of Drs. John & Julie Gottman to 300+ married couples.

+Runs one of the largest online groups for podcasters.

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