Discover How To Create A Podcast And How
Podcasting will Help You Connect With Industry
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Are you wondering about how to create a podcast?

Do you want to get your message heard by thousands?

Unfortunately, most people who want to learn how to create a podcast don’t get the support they need to set their show up right.

But, you can actually learn how to create a podcast and grow your audience in less time than you think! And I’m about to prove it to you.

It hurts me to see brilliant coaches, experts, authors, and consultants like you with an incredible message to share, but no audience to share it with.

I just want you to know, I understand where you are at.

Luis CongdonI spent most of my childhood homeless.

This experience of extreme poverty shaped me and drove my desire for freedom and income that would shield me and my family from poverty.

When I grew up, I worked at a homeless shelter, and ironically I was homeless….this was my breaking point.

I couldn’t stand working 80+ hour work weeks and being broke while helping people who were also in the thick of poverty.

When I learned how to create a podcast, I started interviewing Oprah guests, NYC best sellers, millionaires and big time influencers.

I went from not having an audience and having zero following to being recognized as much as an expert as the famous people I was interviewing.

how-to-create-a-podcast-4Because of the audience I was able to create with podcasting, I was pulling opportunities I thought were impossible.

I’ve been invited to speak across the country, and have been featured in Huffington Post, The Good Man Project, Elephant Journal, New Spirit Journal, Chicago Tribune, JP Morgan, Huffington Post Live, and more.

Our podcast has brought hundreds of customers, gets clients coming to us wanting to work with us, and it has eliminated the worry and fear of where my clients are going to come from.

The awesome part is that now I’m helping others learn how to create a podcast and grow and audience quickly!

Again and again, I see so many people struggling to figure out how to create a podcast.

I wince every time I connect with yet another coach or expert who  has something amazing to offer the world, but no fans to buy from them.

I just want to yell,

“It doesn’t have to be this way!”

How to create a podcast

I am so fed up with incredible people like you, who have something awesome to share with the world, and yet feeling…


trying to learn how to create a podcast and grow a following



by all that you need to do to to grow a tribe and get fans



at why it’s so challenging to connect and create partnerships with high level experts


You want to learn how to create a podcast because

you have a message to share right?

It shouldn’t feel daunting, confusing, overwhelming or frustrating.


Learning how to create a podcast, connecting with your heroes, having a loyal following, shouldn’t be so hard.

I’m committed to seeing you, and other experts out there, learn how to create a podcast and grow a raving audience fast.

That’s why I created…

The Ultimate Podcasters Launch Guide

The Easiest Program To Learn How To Create A Podcast And
Grow Your Following 5 Times Faster Than Everyone Else.

If you’re completely new to learning how to create a podcast, The Ultimate Podcast Launch Guide is the perfect way to start off on the right track.

It’s time to stop waiting for your following to take off and start taking the exact steps to learn how to create a podcast.

The Ultimate Podcast Launch Guide walks you through the exact steps you need to take to have your own show.

With the Ultimate Podcast Launch Guide, I am confident you’ll be able learn how to create a podcast and have your new show live in as little as one week.


Here is a little of what you will discover in this action packed Launch Guide:

checkHow to create a podcast without stressing over complicated systems that take forever to learn

checkWe walk you through creating the perfect vision, direction, and game plan for your new podcast

checkHow to make the tech of podcasting super simple, so easy an 8 year old can do it

checkDiscover the easy technology and tools you’ll need to record and launch your future hit podcast

checkBecome well known by your peer group and celebrities – Many people have become famous through podcasting

checkThe types of podcasts and which one is best for you

checkHow to create a podcast that iTunes loves (and even get featured on the front page!)

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