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Leadership Speakers Luis Congdon and Kamala ChambersLuis Congdon and Kamala Chambers are Leadership Speakers who travel the world and run a thriving online business. 

When Luis Congdon and Kamala met, Luis was very busy working as a Senior Director. His 60+ hour work week was very demanding with managing 30+ staff, meetings with government officials and high-level investors, as well as three separate job sites.

Since then, Kamala and Luis have gone on to create their thriving 6 figure business

Now they run a successful podcast interviewing people like Don Miguel Ruiz, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, and Robert Kiyosaki. 

Some of their favorite topics to speak about are how to make money with a podcast, boosting exposure, and growing your business online.

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leadership speakers

Media Placements


  1. New Media Summit – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  2. Biz-N-Brewz Portland, Oregon – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  3. Extreme Women Entrepreneurs – Washington DC – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  4. Podfest 2016 – Tampa, Florida – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  5. Matchmaking Institute – New York City – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  6. Living Turned On Retreat – Orcas Island, WA – Kamala Chambers
  7. Family Counselor Camp – Seattle, WA – Luis Congdon
  8. Energy Aware (4-week workshop) – San Juan Island, WA – Kamala Chambers
  9. Build Your Own Portable Earthen Home  – San Juan Island, WA – Kamala Chambers
  10. Eating for Energy Whole Life Yoga, Seattle, WA – Kamala Chambers
  11. Eastwest BookstoreSeattle, WA – Kamala Chambers

Magazine and Newspaper

  1. 3 Keys To Being Successful Holistic Entrepreneur Inc. Magazine – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  2. Childless couples can start own Christmas tradition – Detroit News – Luis Congdon
  3. Luis Congdon Ongoing ContributorMedium  
  4. Luis Congdon Ongoing ContributorHuffington Post 
  5. Ongoing Contributor Luis Congdon – Good Men Project
  6. The Unusual Method I’ve Used to Generate Valuable ContentInfluence – Kamala Chambers
  7. Destress Your Dating Life – Elephant Journal – Luis Congdon
  8. How to be Your Own Parent & Love Yourself – New Spirit Journal – Luis Congdon
  9. 4 Ways to Make Holiday Time into Family Time –  JP Morgan – Luis Congdon
  10. How couples can start their own Christmas tradition, no kids required – Chicago Tribune – Luis Congdon
  11. Island Talk – San Juan Update – Kamala Chambers
  12. A Tribute – The Island Guardian – Kamala Chambers
  13. Barefoot in the Park – San Juan Update – Kamala Chambers
  14. New WriterSan Juan Update – Kamala Chambers
  15. First Take Improv – San Juan Journal – Kamala Chambers
  16. Increase Sales: Enroll Clients After Just One Sentence – Holistic Fashionista – Kamala Chambers
  17. Improve the Romance with Feng Shui. – Elephant Journal – Luis Congdon
  18. Why you shouldn’t be best friends with your kids – Desert News – Luis Congdon
  19. 6 Reasons Why You Should Start a PodcastDigerati Magazine – Luis Congdon


  1. Build Your Authority with Facebook Organic – No Ads Needed, Marketing Funnel Automation with Todd Brown – Luis Congdon
  2. Entrepreneurial Motivation to Jump-Start your Week, Turnstone – Kamala Chambers
  3. My Rapid Launch, Dimond Life Media – Kamala Chambers
  4. 9 Go-To Business Podcasts, The Millennial Entrepreneur – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  5. How they got StartedMedium – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers
  6. Energetic Clearing, Fire it Up with CJ – Kamala Chambers
  7. Healthy Leadership Award Winners, Institute of Integrative Nutrition – Kamala Chambers
  8. Write a Bestseller, Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Kamala Chambers
  9. Perfect Podcast Guest – Luis Congdon
  10. Why Vidoe To Grow Your Business, Miguel Hernandez – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  11. Make Money Online, Dian Hochman – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  12. Guy Finley Online Wisdom School – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  13. The One Thing Any Couple Can Do for Better Connection and Intimacy, Gottman Institute – Luis Congdon
  14. Financial Goals, Pete The Planner – Luis Congdon and Kamala Chambers

Book Features


  1. How Parents Can Prevent Video Game Addiction, Huffington Post Live – Luis Congdon

Podcast and Radio

  1. Creativity is a Conscious Practice, Own Your Creativity – Luis Congdon
  2. Finding Strength in Forgiveness and Love, Strength Through Struggle – Luis Congdon
  3. Growing Multiple Coaching Businesses, Natural Born Coaches – Kamala Chambers
  4. Seriously, You’re Working Too HardMake it Snappy – Luis Congdon
  5. From Orphan to Relationship Educator, Modern Sex Talks – Luis Congdon
  6. Equipoimparable – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  7. Educate, Equip and Evangelize, Smart Sales Pro Podcast – Luis Congdon
  8. On Building Healthy Relationship, Superhuman Podcast – Luis Congdon
  9. Podcasters Secret Weapon, Profit Pathway – Luis Congdon
  10. Network With Your Heroes, Riding The Pine – Luis Congdon
  11. From Sleeping on a Friend’s Couch to Profitable Social Media-Network Master, Laptop Lifestyle – Luis Congdon
  12. Build a 6 Figure Business in 6 Months, Jeremy Slate Show – Luis Congdon
  13. Mother Murdered, Adopted, and How he Built a 6 Figure Business in One Year, Mindfulness Mode – Luis Congdon
  14. Homeless to 6 Figure Business, Hustle Culture – Luis Congdon
  15. Lasting Love Connections, On Air with Ella – Luis Congdon
  16. Paid 2 Podcast Competition, New Class Raising – Luis Congdon
  17. How to Make Your Relationship with Your Woman Work, Order of Man – Luis Congdon
  18. Podcast Pro, Podcast Engineering School – Luis Congdon
  19. Creating Lasting Love Connections, Natural Born Coaches – Luis Congdon
  20. 10 Year Saga, The Share Podcast – Luis Congdon
  21. How to Create Lasting Connection, Soulfeed – Luis Congdon
  22. Connecting to Influencers, Rich Life Show – Luis Congdon
  23. Relationship Coach, The Curious Couple Podcast – Luis Congdon
  24. From Sleeping on a Couch to a Thriving Business, An Evolving Life – Luis Congdon
  25. Podcast Success, Go and Grow Show – Luis Congdon
  26. Fixing Your Relationships, The Ed Talks – Luis Congdon
  27. Strengthen Your Connection, Be More spontaneous – Luis Congdon
  28. How a Relationship can Keep You Healthy, Lyme Voice – Luis Congdon
  29. Starting from Scratch, Influence – Luis Congdon
  30. Networking and Relationship Expert, Wrestling with Success – Luis Congdon
  31. Setting Up Your Relationship for Success, To Do’s Before I Do – Luis Congdon
  32. Direct Response Marketing, Direct Response Marketing Magic – Luis Congdon
  33. Breaking the Poverty Mindset, The Rising Entrepreneur – Luis Congdon
  34. The Art of LovingThe Epic Art of Wellness – Luis Congdon
  35. Variety Seekers and Relationships, Variety Seekers – Luis Congdon
  36. 12 Months to Crushing it in Podcasting, Create Your Own Life – Luis Congdon
  37. How Luis LearnedExpand Your World – Luis Congdon
  38. Entrepreneur Spotlight, Leaders Inspire Leaders – Luis Congdon
  39. How to Network, Hustle to Greatness – Luis Congdon
  40. Create Lasting Connections, Everyday Revolutions – Luis Congdon
  41. Podcast Tips and Tricks, Entrepreneur Ignited – Luis Congdon
  42. Successful Relationships, The Journey of Success – Luis Congdon
  43. Building a Lifestyle Business with Podcasting, Boss Academy Radio – Luis Congdon
  44. Healthy Relationships made Easier, Healthy Families made Easier – Luis Congdon
  45. Living a Life of Service, Escaping Cubicle Captivity – Luis Congdon
  46. The #1 Way to Stay Connected, Rules of Success – Luis Congdon
  47. Episode 20, Total Freedom Podcast – Luis Congdon
  48. Episode 3, Bursting Through 925 – Luis Congdon
  49. Nurturing Your Lasting Love Connection, The Start Something Show – Luis Congdon
  50. Building Loving Relationships Across the Globe, Join Up Dots – Luis Congdon
  51. Relationships, Connection, Intimacy, Edge-Ucation Podcast – Luis Congdon
  52. Breaking Negative Patterns with a Relationship Coach, Mighty Married Moms – Luis Congdon
  53. Media Lab, New Media Lab – Luis Congdon
  54. Podcast Guru, School of Start-Ups Radio – Luis Congdon
  55. Transformation, Connection, Purpose, Positivity Effect – Luis Congdon
  56. Getting the Love and Relationship You Desire, The Coming Out Lounge – Luis Congdon
  57. Lasting Love Connection, Earning Freedom – Luis Congdon
  58. Learn How to Communicate Better for Healthier Relationships, Last First Date – Luis Congdon
  59. Rev up your body, physically and spiritually, Get Fit Friday – Luis Congdon
  60. Seduction in Writing, Finding Your Voice and Promotion, Darken The Page – Kamala Chambers
  61. The Power of an Online Launch, Boss Academy Radio – Kamala Chambers
  62. Kamala Chambers Talks Self-Discovery and the Intimacy of Business,  Rules of Sucess– Kamala Chambers
  63. Discover the Power in Being Gentle With Yourself and Others, Mindfulness Mode Podcast – Kamala Chambers
  64. Having the Passion to Share Your Gifts, Sideprenuers – Kamala Chambers
  65. Thriving Launch, Business, Sensuality, Edge-ucation Podcast – Kamala Chambers
  66. Do Your Customers Know What To Do Next, Kidd Marketing – Kamala Chambers
  67. Author-Intimacy Coach-Online Business Coach and so much more, Passive Income Young – Kamala Chambers
  68. Using a Book to Launch Your Business or Product, Scale To Success – Kamala Chambers
  69. Road To Love, Affinity Help – Kamala Chambers
  70. Twelve Minute Convos, Kamala Chambers
  71. Entrepreneurship and Launching, The Journey of Success – Kamala Chambers
  72. Podcaster’s Secret Weapon, Together 24/7 and Loving It – Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon
  73. Build a Lasting Connection – An Evolving Lifestyle – Kamala Chambers
  74. Online Product Launch Specialist, Work at Home Rockstar – Kamala Chambers
  75. Intimacy Coach, Best Selling Author & Wellness Educator, Consciously Speaking – Kamala Chambers
  76. Woman Taking The LeadHow to Follow Your Passion Projects – Kamala Chambers
  77. The Podcast Exchange, PodUp Podcast – Kamala Chambers
  78. Bootstrapping Tips and Resources, Bootstrapping It – Kamala Chambers
  79. Launching Your Business Online, Profit Pathway Podcast – Kamala Chambers
  80. Set Yourself Up To Win, Leaders Inspire Leaders – Kamala Chambers
  81. Entrepreneur, Author, and Podcaster, Business Life Inspired – Kamala Chambers
  82. The Secret to Intimacy (Bedroom and Beyond) – Soulfeed – Kamala Chambers
  83. Hack the Process, Hack the Process Podcast – Luis Congdon
  84. Mindset Shift, Veteran Resource Podcast – Luis Congdon
  85. Creating content to increase engagement, Brian King Show – Kamala Chambers
  86. From Homeless to Six-Figures, The Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast – Luis Congdon
  87. Discerning Love, Modern Sex Talks – Kamala Chambers
  88. Twelve Minute Convos, Luis Congdon
  89. Networking Expert, Success Through Failure, Luis Congdon

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