Productivity Tips – Transcript

Kamala Chambers:

Are you ready to be more productive in your everyday life? Well, in this video, we’re going to talk about productivity tips.

My name is Kamala Chambers, and I get a lot done. I have a podcast show that’s five days a week. We travel the world. I co-run a six-figure business, and I am the co-creator of three digital courses.

Productivity Tips – Make A List Of Top Things You Need To Get Done Every Day

Now, the very first thing is to make a list of the top things you need to get done each day. Now, I want you to limit it to three.

One of the struggles that people that aren’t productive come across is they felt overwhelmed. If you limit it to three, I know it’s hard to do, but it’s going to be so much easier for you to get that stuff done rather done get overwhelmed.

Now, you only have those three things to do. I know you have all huge lists of things to do in your everyday life, but you can always get to those after you get to those magic three every day with productivity tips.

Productivity Tips – Reward Yourself

Every time you accomplish one of those, I think it’s an excellent idea to reward yourself. It may be a cup of tea or a walk. I encourage it to be something healthy that makes you feel even better and motivated to push on to the next thing.

You’re going to notice that once you do those big three things, some of the small things are going to fall away or they won’t become as important, or maybe you just won’t need to do them anymore.

Here’s the secret to the reward.

Productivity Tips – Do Things That Make You Happy

The reward is there because when you do things you love to do, take that walk with your partner or spend that time drinking tea and reading a book, or something that fills you up, then, you become more productive because you’re a happier person. You have more energy flooding through you.

Be sure to click on the link below in the description. I’ve got some great resources for you to make sure that your productivity continues to skyrocket.

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