Social Media For Business – Transcript

Luis Congdon:

Hey! Today, I want to talk to you about how to use social media for business so you can scale, grow, and boost your business success online.

Hi! My name is Luis Congdon, the creator of The Podcaster’s Secret Weapon and creator of Profit From Facebook course.

I know a lot about business, I know how to grow businesses and not only that, my specialty is with social media.

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Social Media For Business – Use Major Platforms

My first tip for you to use social media for business is to start using major social media sites.

A lot of people get overwhelmed. They’re thinking “Okay, I should be online. I should be on Facebook. I should be on Twitter. I should be on LinkedIn.” There are a lot of them, and they all seem major, but for me, the two primary social media sites that you have to and should be on are Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media For Business – Automation

For my next tip, automate that puppy.

It’s a funny thing that I love to say but I say it to people is “Automate it.”

Automate it, set it and forget it.

On social media, people all the time are checking out. People are always scrolling their Facebook in different hours and different parts of the world. People are doing Twitter the same way. They’re scrolling and checking regularly.

There’s a lot of different tools out there that will help you be there at all times, but you don’t even have to be there very often.

So for me, my favorite tool to automate that puppy is Post Planner. I love Post Planner because I set it, forget it, and while I’m sleeping, it’s doing the work for me.

Social Media For Business – Be An Expert

My next and most valuable tip is if you want to grow your business online and you want to use social media for business, you’re going to need to show you’re an expert, you’re an authority and that you’re someone that’s useful to people.

How do you do that? How do you add resources? How do you help people online through social media?

Very simply, start being an authority, start being an expert, start sharing what you know.

Social Media For Business – Share What You Know

If you’re a weightlifter and you’re a trainer, start sharing tips on how to lose weight and how to lift properly. You can create a series of posts, and then you can automate them, so they’re going out constantly for you. They’re going out at different times.

So while you’re on vacation, you’re still online sharing tips on how to lift weights correctly or how to do nutrition.

For me, one of the ways that I do it is I share tips on podcasting and social media just like I’m doing now. This thing is working for me round the clock, and I highly recommend you do the same thing.

So, we’ve gone over some of my favorite tips and ways for you to utilize social media for business growth but I want to dive into this a lot deeper with you. I’ve got hours and hours and days of information for you.

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