Social Media Marketing Plan – Transcript

Luis Congdon:

Today, I want to teach you exactly how to use social media, and how to use a social media marketing plan to grow and scale your business.

Hi. My name is Luis Congdon. I’m the co-founder and co-creator of the website and Thriving Launch Podcast.

Now, I’ve built a six-figure business with my partner, Kamala Chambers primarily using strategies like social media to build and scale our business.

Share Yourself And Your Business With A Social Media Marketing Plan

The first thing I want you to know about a social media marketing plan is you’re not just marketing. You’re sharing yourself and sharing your business.

The very first thing I want you to do is I want you to start getting real. Get genuine online.

If you’re into singing, or dancing, or had a hard past, or have been homeless, start sharing this stuff online. Get vulnerable, get real.

Social Media Marketing Plan – Start Automating

My second tip for you when it comes to social media marketing plan is to start automating your social media.

If we’re on social media and we’re sharing of ourselves and growing our business, there are people awake at all sorts of times. We need to be active and engaged, but we can automate this.

One of my favorite ways to automate my social media is I use something like Post Planner.

Post Planner for me is my favorite. I’ve used things like Hootsuite and Buffer. I’ve looked at Meet Edgar, and nothing works as impressive, and as a great price as Post Planner.

Set it up, automate it, and forget it.

Social Media Marketing Plan – Start Writing Out Your Posts

The next thing I want you to do is to start writing out your posts, tweets, or shares. Whatever you’re using in social media, start writing them out, and then automate it inside of Post Planner.

Write out some plans. Maybe you’re going to be promoting something for a week or two. Make sure to know that. “For the week of August, I’m going to be promoting this. So inside of social media, I’m going to share valuable tips or stories all around this thing to help build the buzz, help my marketing work well, and to boost my marketing power.

Social Media Marketing Plan – Choose One To Three Social Media Sites

My third tip is not to try to be everywhere all at once.

If you’re just getting started, pick one or two or three social media sites you love.

For me, my recommendation is to be on Facebook and Twitter. You’re welcome to use LinkedIn, Google+, or Snapchat but don’t get too crazy with it.

If we try to do everything all at once, we’re going to get overwhelmed, and our social media marketing plan isn’t going to work because social media works on engagement.

Social Media Marketing Plan – Be Engaged

Be engaged and don’t pick too many platforms.

Now, we’ve gone through a variety of steps to help you with your social media marketing plan. I’ve got a free training for you that teaches you how to use my favorite and what I believe to be the most powerful tool in social media, which is Facebook.

If you’re not on Facebook or not marketing there, or not having success, click on the description below, and I’m going to show exactly how to crush it with Facebook. Then, you could take all the steps that I taught you and apply it over to Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+.

I’m going to show you exactly how to use Facebook, how to have a social media marketing plan, and how to crush it with Facebook.

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