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One-third of the population is avoiding wheat nutrition and choosing to be gluten-free. It’s because we’ve heard or read that we should avoid gluten because it’s composed of sugar, which can cause diseases. The reality is that science doesn’t support this at all.

On this episode with Dr. John Douillard, a naturopathic doctor and a best-selling author, he explains to us why we should eat wheat.

He emphasizes that we should be avoiding processed foods eating organic, whole foods instead, which contain the microbes that help digest hard-to-digest foods and help improve our immunity.



arrow-iconWhen you eat in a relaxed and calm way, the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the rest and digest nervous system, is turned on.

arrow-iconWe are all suffering from a broken down digestive system.

arrow-iconAny oil when put in an oven is gone, rancid, and indigestible.

arrow-iconVegetable oils have broken down our ability to digest.

arrow-iconYou don’t need oil to make bread.

arrow-iconPesticides in our food and processed food break down the ability for us to digest gluten.

arrow-iconOur ability to digest is linked directly to our ability to detoxify.

arrow-iconTwo major Harvard studies show that people who eat the least amount of gluten have the highest risk of heart disease and diabetes.

arrow-iconScience doesn’t support the idea that wheat acts like sugar that causes wheat belly and Alzheimer’s.

arrow-iconWhole wheat has been shown to reduce the pain and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

arrow-iconOne-third of the population today is choosing to be gluten free.

arrow-iconGluten-free industries are giving us highly processed wheat alternatives that are loaded with sugar and the cause of the problem.

arrow-iconCholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease.

arrow-iconPolyunsaturated fatty acids may lower cholesterol, but they raise heart disease risk.




Kamala Chambers

On this episode, we’re going to be talking about wheat nutrition and why you should eat wheat. We’re going to be busting open the gluten-free myth.

We are here today with one of my heroes, Dr. John Douillard. He is a naturopathic doctor, a best-selling author, and he owns a clinic in Colorado. We’re excited to have him on the show.

Are you ready to launch?

Dr. John Douillard



Kamala Chambers

All right.

I’m just a huge fan of your work on wheat nutrition, and I know that you have your book out now about wheat nutrition. I know gluten intolerance is everywhere right now. People are suffering from the wheat belly, and having issues with gluten.

What do you have to say about that?

Dr. John Douillard

First of all, there’s no question that when people eat wheat, they’re feeling sick and they have issues.

One-third of the population today is choosing to be gluten free and avoiding wheat nutrition. That’s 110 million people. It’s a crazy amount of individuals, particularly when only 1% of the population are celiac, which they should avoid gluten.

Diet Without Gluten And Wheat Nutrition Increases The Risk Of Certain Diseases

Dr. John Douillard

There’s something else going on, and there is some exciting, profound science that’s coming out particularly in the last month about wheat nutrition.

Two major 25-30 years Harvard studies, one with 95,000 people, the other with almost 200,000 people have shown that individuals who are gluten-free and who have the least amount of wheat nutrition have the highest risk of heart disease.

In the other study, people who have the least amount of wheat nutrition have the highest risk of diabetes.

Despised in the face of what wheat belly and grain brain books are trying to tell us is that wheat nutrition is composed of sugar, and sugar causes wheat belly, big bellies, and fat. Wheat nutrition has sugar and causes Alzheimer’s.

The reality is that science doesn’t support that, which is why I wrote my book Eat Wheat which has over 600 scientific references suggesting exactly the opposite that whole grain is not refined process wheat or refined, processed food of any kind.

Wheat Nutrition Lowers The Risk Of Diabetes

Dr. John Douillard

Whole grains reduce the risk of diabetes in study after study. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease 53% in the Mediterranean diet, 54% in the MIND diet. That’s three servings of whole grains and whole wheat per day.

Now, we’re seeing 25-year-old long Harvard study saying, people who are gluten-free maybe at risk, and we may not have solved the real problem by just taking wheat out of your diet.

I get that people don’t feel good when they’re getting wheat nutrition but the premise in the science points is something completely different than the wheat.


Luis Congdon

That’s fascinating to me to think about that.

Wheat Nutrition May Prevent Allergies


Luis Congdon

I’m originally from Colombia, and I came to The United States when I was eight years old. As a child, I didn’t have allergies in Colombia. I don’t recall ever being allergic to anything or ever getting sick even though I was destitute and homeless.

When I came over to The United States, within the first few months, I started getting horribly ill. My tonsils would swell up. I get these massive headaches and dizzy spells. Sometimes I’d have to be out of school for a week or two because I was sick.

My family didn’t know what it was so we eventually went to a naturopath. She did this interesting thing. She had this weird machine that had this kind of like in a car. I don’t know what you call that but the little dial that goes up or down. It had a cord, and then at the end of it, there’s this little metal thing.

She would put a vial in the machine of some substance, and then test it with my body. The small dial would shoot up or down, and we found out I was allergic to eggs, gluten, grasses, pollens, and stuff.

But growing up in Colombia, I ate a lot of eggs, and never had any issues. I’m fascinated by this because bread and eggs were the things I ate a lot while I was in a third world country.

Dr. John Douillard

Before we were on this call, I was answering some emails. I was just talking to a patient of mine who said that they have Psoriasis and they can’t eat bread.

When they go to Morocco, South America, and Europe, they can eat bread, and their Psoriasis gets better. As soon as they come back to The United States, everything gets worst.

Effect Of Stress To Digestion And Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

I just wrote and published an article explaining why Europe people can eat bread in Europe but they can’t eat bread here. There are a lot of reasons and one of them which is the simplest, and maybe the most profound, and hardest for folks to believe is that eating when you’re on vacation is different than when you’re eating on the run going to work here or there.

Dr. John Douillard Wheat Nutrition Thriving Launch Podcast

Dr. John Douillard

When you’re relaxed and calm, which is the old school of eating, it turns on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is called the rest and digest nervous system.

Wheat Nutrition In Third World Countries

Dr. John Douillard

There is something to be said about eating in a relaxed, calm way, but more than that, the foods in these third world countries are made from scratch. They’re not processed. The bread we may have here in loaves of bread and stuff is made to sit on the shelf for months and months and months, and I think that’s what you just pointed on, Luis.

The real issue here is not wheat. It’s not whole wheat.

Whole wheat according to a 19-year-old study at the University of Saskatchewan about the ancient and the modern wheat strains, hundreds and hundreds of different strains, there were no genetic differences.

Wheat Nutrition With PUFas And Omega-6 Fatty Acids Aren’t Healthy

Dr. John Douillard

What is different is what we do to the wheat when we put it on a shelf. We pump it up with omega-6 fatty acids. Those are vegetable oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and we were told that the PUFAs, the polyunsaturated fatty acids, and omega-6 acids are healthy for you.

Well, they are if you eat the sunflower seed or the safflower seed or if you eat the oil right out of the seed. But, when you take it out of the seed, it is very unstable. That’s why it has a shell around it, with antioxidants to protect those critical vital oils.

What they do is they take those oils out of the seed. They bleach them and boil them at extremely high temperatures, deodorize them, use detergents on them. Take every single thing that could be digestible by either you or me or a microbe, and make it completely indigestible by every living creature.

They stick it in a loaf of bread, and it keeps their bread squishy on the shelf for a month or more. The microbes, which are everywhere inside of us, and everywhere on the shelf, want nothing to do with that bread, so the bread never goes bad.

Unhealthy Wheat Nutrition With Saturated And Polyunsaturated Fats

Dr. John Douillard

We’re eating these foods that are pumped up with these omega-6 highly processed fatty acids that surprisingly, lowers cholesterol. It was like wow! All of a sudden, they tell that saturated fats, butter, and bean, should be pulled away over because they’re killing us, and animal fats are raising cholesterol.

Cholesterol is linked to heart disease, which we now know has nothing to do with heart disease. That’s real hard science.

They gave us polyunsaturated vegetable oils and said that these oils are the replacement. These are the replacements for those saturated fats, which are giving you heart disease and killing you.

These polyunsaturated fatty acids are omega 6, and they lower cholesterol, which they do but what was found out until recently is that while PUFAs might lower cholesterol, they raise heart disease risk. But that has been in our food for the last 60 years.

What Indigestible Oils Do To Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

As a result of that, those oils are completely indigestible. Where they end up is in your liver, your gallbladder, and your bile ducts.

Today in America, the number one abdominal surgery today is a gallbladder surgery. We’re pulling out gallbladders left and right because we are clogging it up with these indigestible fats that even the bugs won’t eat.

We’re 90% microbe. The cells of the human body and all the cells including the entire bug cells, 90% of them are microbes. Only 10% of our cells are human. Luckily, the humans are just a way bigger. Otherwise, we’ll look a lot more like a bug probably.

The thing is these vegetable oils have broken down our ability to digest, congested our liver and gall bladders. The liver and the gallbladder are linked to delivering fats. We store fat and get obese. We can’t deliver fat to the brain, we get depressed, and then the liver is where diabetes starts.

Kingpins Of Wheat Nutrition In The Digestive Process

Dr. John Douillard

We have an epidemic of diabetic and pre-diabetic issues. The liver and the gallbladder are the kingpins of the digestive process. No bile, no pooping. No bile, no breaking down hard to digest foods which include wheat and dairy.

Now, I have many patients come to me. They can’t have not just wheat nutrition and dairy but grains, nuts, and seeds.

Years ago, I would have people come in and say, “Hey. I have a digestive problem.” “Okay. Get off wheat and dairy.” They feel better for a month or two or three. They come back, and the problem will come back. They will get off of soy, nuts, and seeds, and they probably get better, but the problem will keep coming back.

Problems With Wheat Nutrition And Digestion

Dr. John Douillard

It didn’t take long before you realized as a natural health practitioner that it’s not the food nor the wheat nutrition. Something else is happening here, and it’s a breakdown of the digestive system, and that’s what Eat Wheat is all about.

I take people through a troubleshooting process of how to navigate around the processed food, but also have a troubleshooting reboot their particular weak link in their digestion so they can start breaking bread and naturally use wheat nutrition once again.


Luis Congdon

That’s fascinating.

Learning About Wheat Nutrition and Other Diets


Luis Congdon

To me, it’s interesting as someone who’s tried a lot of different diets, learning about the controversies within what we’ve been advised to do.

I remember when I did raw veganism. One of the things I learned about was the glycemic index. But, when you become a raw vegan, the glycemic index completely changes because now, I’m not sitting there with very complex foods. A particular food will spike my sugar levels but then, can’t completely get digested and fermented.

Listening to you, as somebody who recently is experimenting with the ketogenic diet, where they’re completely like “Don’t eat all these grains. They’re not that ideal for you. They create lethargy.” It’s interesting to hear your work now with wheat and grains, and you’re saying they’re great, and they can fight off all sorts of these diseases.

Given your work now and your affirmation of eating wheat, what do you think of something now that people are doing the stuff saying, “I’m not going to eat wheat, and I’m going to eat all these fats?

Dr. John Douillard

Well, there is a problem with having the pendulum of the diet swing in any direction too far off the beaten path.

Wheat Nutrition During The Paleolithic Path

Dr. John Douillard

I’m talking about the Paleolithic path the last 40,000 years. Not to mention the fact that they find residue of gluten in the teeth of ancient humans three and a half to four million years ago. In fact, those old human readings stepped up to 45% of their diet as starch. Somewhere around one to two million years ago, they’re not sure.

We, as humans evolved to make an enzyme called amylase that we didn’t make before, and we still have it to this day. Amylase is an enzyme for breaking down starch.

Particularly, if you have a deficiency in amylase, you can get what’s called baker’s asthma which is an allergy to wheat, because you don’t have the amylase enzyme to break down the wheat.

Ancient Humans Had Wheat Nutrition Long Before They Started Hunting

Dr. John Douillard

Somewhere along the way, in the study of the University of Utah, they found that the ancient humans who gathered up wheat berries in just one day, in Africa, which was covered with wheat and barley grasslands, and wheat and barley covered with it. They could pick enough wheat berries in two hours and feed them for an entire day. We didn’t start hunting meat until 500,000 years ago.

When you think about that, we have a couple of more million years of genetics we’re eating wheat than meat, which is funny. Since you can’t digest wheat anymore, everybody is now eating way more meat, thinking that is a healthier source of food.

Here is the problem I think people aren’t ready to hear, but this is according to those two Harvard studies with a massive support, the theory, and the research I’m going to share with you now.

Harvard Studies Results On Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

In one study, they took people who are gluten-free, who are celiac, and who are on a gluten-free diet. Another group of individuals were celiac but hadn’t started the gluten-free diet. Another group of people were non-celiac and were eating wheat regularly.

The people who were eating wheat regularly, and who are celiac but hadn’t started the gluten-free diet have four times less mercury in their blood than individuals who were celiac and had been on a gluten-free diet.

In another study with healthy people, people who are eating gluten-free, had significantly less good bacteria and more bad bacteria in their gut, than individuals who eat wheat.

In one more study with healthy people, people who are gluten-free, had significantly fewer killer T-cells, a measure of immune strength, than individuals who were eating wheat.

Wheat Nutrition Triggers Gut Immunity

Dr. John Douillard

Suggesting that, wheat nutrition that we get from harder to digest foods somehow trigger and stimulate an immune response called gut immunity.

If we just sterilize our food, super process, make it all super easy to digest, it doesn’t cause any ruffle, any feathers digestively. Then, we don’t have those immune stimuli in our digestive system. Therefore, the immune system slowly dials down, and we become at severe risk. This was called the hygiene hypothesis.

Hygiene Hypothesis On Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

They did the study with Amish kids, who have the highest race of asthma on the planet. These Amish kids run barefoot in the barns and have cows as pets. They measured the dust these kids are breathing, and they found out the dust can trigger respiratory immunity, and protect them from asthma.

It’s the same thing with wheat nutrition. The anti-nutrients on wheat that they say are causing all the digestive problems are the same things that trigger and boost our immune system but which we have millions of years of genetics to breakdown. Until we start adding all these yucky processed foods that break down the digestive system.

Immune System Depending On Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

Now, people are having trouble digesting a whole bunch of foods. We’ve spent the last 80 years killing every bug we could find that we didn’t like with the antibiotics and recently, antimicrobial substance. We scrub the microbiome with just a bare minimum amount of bugs in the gut.

For now, taking away all the hard to digest food in our diet, making everything so sterile and pure inside, we’re realizing now something.

Our immune system depends on that roughage, on those harder to digest foods that we’ve been eating for millions upon millions of years.


Kamala Chambers

This is incredible stuff, and the question that comes to my mind is what we can do.

What if we do eat wheat and we feel bloated or lethargic afterward? What are some steps we can take?

Dr. John Douillard

First thing is you got to start with recognizing the processed foods before you eat them. Making bread requires just three ingredients; wheat, salt, and water. That’s all you need to make bread.

Healthy Bread That Gives Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

If you have an organic starter or make it organic whole wheat bread, now, you’re looking at a healthy bread. A high quality organic whole wheat sourdough can take three days to bake from start to finish.

The bread in the grocery store shelf that organic whole wheat bread that you think might be healthy for us can take two hours to bake, load it with ingredients you’ve never heard of. The thing you want to avoid the most are whatever you see; any vegetable oils, safflower oils, soy oil, canola oil, and expeller pressed, organic, anything kind of oil.

Any oil of any kind even the super natural and excellent, as soon as they put in an oven, it’s completely gone, rancid, and indigestible.

Dr. John Douillard Wheat Nutrition Thriving Launch Podcast

Dr. John Douillard

You got to be careful of that.


Kamala Chambers

Let me just ask real quick.

What kind of oil is acceptable?

Dr. John Douillard

None when you’re cooking bread.


Kamala Chambers

How about butter?

Dr. John Douillard



Kamala Chambers



Luis Congdon

She loves butter.

Dr. John Douillard

If you’re making bread, you don’t need butter or oil. That’s only there to make it stay on the shelf for weeks or months.

Bread Made From Scratch Provides Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

Most of us remember the baker down the street where bread you get today, who cooked the bread in the morning, and then at night, it was hard as a rock. They had to throw it away and cook fresh bread the next day. Bread was made fresh every day.

In Europe, bread is still made fresh daily. In Colombia, they would make the chapatis and things like that. In Mexico, bread is every day fresh. They would cook it, make it from scratch, and eat it within an hour of making it. Probably, that’s what you remember eating Luis when you were in Colombia.


Luis Congdon

Yes, all fresh foods.

Dr. John Douillard

Yeah, right.

The thing we have to demand in our culture is whole food. The studies on wheat nutrition are amazing.

Whole Wheat Nutrition Vs Refined Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

Whole Wheat Vs. Refined Wheat

Whole wheat has been showing to reduce the pain and the symptomatology of irritable bowel syndrome and proved to heal up, seal, and repair leaky gut syndrome.

There a lot of things wheat has been convicted, found guilty, and given a life sentence for.

Studies are showing that whole wheat has all these amazing properties for intestinal inflammation.

There are microbes in your mouth, esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines specially engineered to make enzymes to break down the gliadins, the hard to digest components of gluten. They’ve been in our body for millions of years.

Guess what kills those microbes?

What Kills Microbes That Don’t Support Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard Wheat Nutrition Thriving Launch Podcast

Dr. John Douillard

Not only has wheat become a culprit, and wheat is just the scapegoat because, yes, it is hard to digest. Yes, it is highly processed, and it’s everywhere.

We eat it three times a day in a highly processed form for the last six years. This was a problem waiting to happen but thank goodness, the truth about wheat nutrition is starting to rise to the surface.

Debate About The Science Of Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

I did a discussion with Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of Grain Brain. You can watch it on my website at lifespa.com. You can look at the debate where I go to into battle with Dr. David Perlmutter about the science of wheat nutrition and the gluten-free diet.

At the end of the debate, he said that it’s absolutely about digestion and my mother said I won that debate hands down.


Luis Congdon

Well, your mom says you won. I think we know you won.

Dr. John Douillard

I have to agree with you there. I can’t go against my mom.

But it was a great debate to see him, and I go to battle with this science.

His idea was “Yeah, people can’t digest so take it out of the diet.” I’m going, “Well, yeah. That’s a medical concept. Why don’t we just fix the digestive system and eat the whole version of wheat, and stop taking everything out of our diet because now, we have science, and that could be bad.”

The same thing they did when they said, “Hey. Cholesterol causes heart disease.” Even though the researches were paid off by the sugar industry to make that happen, now, we find out the cholesterol had nothing to do with heart disease.

Today, the replacement fats they gave us are linked directly to anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, obesity, diabetes that broken down the digestive system.

Wheat Alternatives Being Given As Replacement For Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

Now, today, a $16-billion thriving gluten-free industry which is giving us highly processed replacement bread, and replacement for whole food, all of that came from the mistake in 1960 when they said, “Cholesterol was bad. Here are some replacements.”

Here we are now today saying wheat is bad and that there’s no wheat nutrition. And what’s the replacement the $16-billion a year gluten-free industry is giving us? Highly processed wheat alternatives, which have high glycemic index, loaded with sugar, and the cause of the problem.

This is craziness when you think about it.


Luis Congdon

It’s wild to listen to you talk.

As you were talking, I was reflecting on the fact that Kamala and I are living in the woods in a cob home.

I get allergies ever since I was a little kid. Ever since I came to The United States at age 8, I started getting allergies then. I never had them before, and now, being older, I’m just used to it. When the weather changes around May, my allergies start flaring up, and it goes crazy.

Choose Wheat Nutrition And Avoid Foods With Processed Oils To Prevent Allergies


Luis Congdon

But this is something interesting as I’ve been listening to you that for the whole month of May, I haven’t had any allergies flare up. I’ve been cooking all my own home cooked meals, eating well, and getting wheat nutrition.

Then, Kamala and I decided to go to Seattle, and stay there for about four or five days with some friends. When you’re traveling, you tend to eat out more. I love Seattle, and I love going out to eat at some locations. I went and got all these different foods, and then my allergies went berserk. My eyes were burning, started getting red, and sinuses were going crazy.

Listening to you, I started thinking, maybe it was just the fact I went and ate all these oils and foods that are made in a way that is not considered of all of my digestion. And that is what triggered the allergies more than anything else.

Dr. John Douillard

We can’t go in a restaurant and not get this processed oil. They’re everywhere in everything.

There was a study. It was a crazy study they did with deer. They found that deer have microbes in their gut that can digest bark in the winter time, and they eat bark in the winter. They have entirely different bacteria in the summer for digesting leaves. The microbes in the soil, therefore, go to the plants. Therefore, the food changes from season to season and our microbiome should also change from season to season.

They found when they give the deer a bark in the summer when they didn’t have the right microbes, it could cause such a level of indigestion. It could kill the deer, and I was like, “Wow. Wait a minute. Deer die when they eat out of season. What about humans?”

Wheat Nutrition – Humans Have Been Seasonal Eaters

Dr. John Douillard

We have also been seasonal eaters for millions of years, and all of a sudden, we’re not.  What happens to us?

Because the foods are supposed to carry microbes, but if you spray pesticides on this food, you will kill the microbes, you lose that intelligence. You don’t get the changing of the microbiome from season to season.

How To Eat With The Seasons To Achieve Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

I wrote a book called The Three Season Diet about how to eat with the seasons, but I felt so passionate about it, I publish now today a three monthly seasonal eating guide for folks for free. It includes some grocery lists for every month of the year. You get it in your inbox, the May list, June list, July List. They get recipes for each month of the year that are from foods growing in your garden in that month and super food list for each month.

Importance Of Gut Bugs To Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

That’s something I feel like everybody should have because it’s completely free. You get to begin to get connected to the seasons and the gut bugs that are trying to change.

I think in your case with the allergies, there were a lot of processed foods, but there’s also the re-inoculating of the gut bugs. They change from season to season. They give you that gut immunity, and that connection to their circadian cycles, which are powerful and profound, and I write about that in Eat Wheat as well.

In your case Luis, trying to figure out, “What part of my digestive system might be broken down from those years of being in America, being blown up by all these processed foods? What broke down and how can we fix it?”


Kamala Chambers

That’s fascinating.

One thing I’d love to hear from you is what are the three things you think everybody should do today to achieve wheat nutrition?

If you could snap your fingers and everybody made this change with their diet or their health, what would you recommend?

Dr. John Douillard

In addition to avoiding the processed foods, eating organic, getting the pesticides out of our food because that will save the microbes which make the enzyme to help us digest a bunch of everything, and support immunity.

The other thing is just understanding that we all are suffering from a broken down digestive system.

Dr. John Douillard Wheat Nutrition Thriving Launch Podcast

Systems Involved In Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

They’re the same exact systems.

Then, we have four billion pounds of toxic chemicals dumped in the American environment every year.

At some point, you’re going to have to digest those toxins. The mercury from the coal mine plants, filter on to every organic vegetable you eat. Even in the purest environment, you’re going to have to break down and digest the mercury, which you can’t absorb well, and you can’t digest wheat well, which is just a harder to digest protein.

There’s no way you’re breaking down the mercury. It’s going to find its way into your fat cells, into your brain tissue and cause real problems in 15-20 years from now.

It’s a false sense of security saying, “Yeah. I just take wheat out of my diet, and I feel better than when I’m eating it.” I get it. You feel bad eating it so don’t eat it but let’s fix the problem, and here’s how.

The gallbladders are clogged up with indigestible fats. They’re terrible. You have to decongest your gallbladder.

Importance Of Cholagogues To Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

There is a classification of herbs and foods called Cholagogues. Cholagogues means they increase the production of bile. They flush and decongest your bile ducts, which are crucial.

Doing things that are natural cholagogues are simple. Beets are incredibly great natural cholagogues. Apples are cholagogues. Celery is a cholagogue.

Natural Cholagogues Helps Achieve Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

You could start your day at morning in addition to your breakfast, have a juice of beet, apple, and celery juice, and have load cholagogues cocktail. Have that with your meal in the morning to start your day.

Fenugreek tea is an old fashioned tea used for thousands of years. It’s a powerful stabilizer of blood sugar, a decongestant of pancreatic ducts, and it contracts your gallbladder by 75%.

Also, you can have any turmeric. Turmeric increases the contractility of the gallbladder by 50%. Artichokes are phenomenal cholagogues to clean out the gallbladder and decongest the bile ducts.

The pancreatic tube that carries the enzymes hooks up with the bile ducts which carry the bile into the small intestines. Those two tubes join.

Pathology Of Diseases Linked To Inadequate Wheat Nutrition

Dr. John Douillard

If your liver has gotten congested because of the bad fats, you give the bile like a Pacman gobbling up toxins, fats, and stuff that’s congested, thick, and viscous. They call it bile sludge, and those pancreatic enzymes are not going to get where they need to go, and you’re going to have real problems getting the digestive enzymes where they need to go.

What can happen is the pancreatic enzymes can backflow into the pancreas, and begin to digest your pancreas. That’s called pancreatitis, and the fats can backflow into the liver causing it fatty liver to extremely common conditions that we’re used at we’re historically never heard of in addition to gallbladder removal.

These are some of the things insidiously happening because we’re not addressing the real problem. We’re just sweeping the real issue under the rug and saying, “Hey. Glutens are poison. Don’t eat food, and it gives you a sugar belly and a grain brain.” It doesn’t. It’s the processed nature of these foods that has to change. A little harder problem to fix to demand whole foods, and just say, “Don’t eat wheat.” You can make a best-selling book out of that, but it is the real solution.

Those are some of the things. Just get some cholagogues in your diet.


Kamala Chambers

Oh my gosh. This is just fantastic.

We’ve been here with Dr. John Douillard, talking about many things, busting open the gluten myth, getting more greens in your diet, how to achieve wheat nutrition, and living a healthier life in general.

I just want to say that there’s been much information. Go back and listen to this episode. Find one thing you can start applying today. There have been many gold nuggets in this episode. Make sure you’d take at least one thing and start using in your life today.

Thank you so much to Dr. John Douillard for being on the show, one of my most favorite speakers of all time, talking about wheat nutrition.

Keep thriving everyone.

Thriving Launch by Kamala Chambers and Luis Congdon Wheat Nutrition - Dr. John Douillard
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