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Everyone is using Facebook, but not everyone knows that you can make money on Facebook.

Marci Lock, an expert in nutrition, fitness, and mindset, is building a 6-figure monthly income making posts on Facebook. She is doing this without any ads and without spending a dime.

In this interview, she shares some tips on how you can create posts that attract clients and enable you to make money on Facebook.



arrow-iconFacebook is a platform where you have the world’s eyes. That is a gigantic market to tap.

arrow-iconBeing authentic is key to becoming an effective marketer on Facebook..

arrow-iconMake your market see that you’re a value creator.

arrow-iconIn creating Facebook posts, remember to shorten your posts as much as possible.

arrow-iconAsking your clients to message you on Facebook is effective because it creates trust.

arrow-iconYou can make money on Facebook just by showing who you are to the world.

arrow-iconTo make money on Facebook, you must:

  • Get clear on your branding.
  • Make an attention-grabbing title for your post, then add your link.
  • Write copy that captures your customer’s interest.
  • Make videos that offer valuable information.
  • Create a call to action in sharing your message.
  • Consistently make 3-5 short, but interesting, posts a day.




Kamala Chambers

Today, we’re here with the Tv and radio nutrition and fitness expert, a life-transformation coach, and an author, Marci Lock.


Today we’re going to talk about how to drive traffic organically and make money on Facebook without ads and without needing to have a certain amount of followers.

Marci Lock is making 6-figures  per month doing only organic Facebook traffic. As a nutrition fitness and mindset expert, she helps people with physical and psychological transformation.  She mentors them around the globe and these talents she have allow her to make money on Facebook.

We’re so happy to have you here, Marci.

Marci Lock

Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here with you guys.


Luis Congdon

So Marci, we ask this to all our guests.

Are ready to launch?

Marci Lock

Am I ready to launch? Does that mean like, am I ready to game? I am always ready.


Luis Congdon

Are ready to kick some butt?

Marci Lock

I locked it down Luis.


Luis Congdon

You always do.

Marci Lock

That’s right. I’m committed to awesomeness.

Aim High and Make Money on Facebook


Luis Congdon

If you guys are listening, I want to tell you how cool this is to have Marci here who can make money on Facebook just by being active on it. Because I know if you’re on Facebook which I’m sure you are like most people, you also want to make money on Facebook.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that most people when they wake up, one of the first things they do is they check their Facebook and they’re not checking the ads. They’re checking their newsfeed.

Marci, I’ve been watching you and you do an incredible job of sharing your mission, vision, goals and letting people know what you’re up to on the business and giving people an opportunity to enroll, or to check you out or to come into your world.

This is so cool what Marci is doing because a lot of people think instead of people can make money on Facebook, they take it as a place where they can show off such as “I post what I eat,” and “I’m going to take pictures of me in a car and I’m going to take pictures of me at the gym.”  Marci’s doing that too but she’s doing something else which is almost a little sneakier cool because if you’re  business minded, you need to be doing this. And you actually make money on Facebook!

How can you use your expertise to make money on Facebook so that when people wake up in the morning, they’re also getting an opportunity not only to enter your world but to become part of your clientele? It’s an opportunity and that’s an obligation for us if we have something to offer.

So Marci, what’s one of the first things that you share with interested people who want to make money on Facebook to grow traffic organically?

Be Committed To Awesomeness To Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

Well, something that you tapped on where you were saying “Why would we use Facebook?” “Why would we share?” or “How can we share the business side of things so we can make money on Facebook?”

I know you know Jesse Elder as well. Jesse Elder is a good dear friend of mine and he was one of my coaches at one time. I remember he called me out on it and said “Mars, you can make money on Facebook.”

Be committed to awesomeness because when you know the true value of yourself, you don’t have settle in any of your life.

I don’t believe in settle or sacrifice.

And he said, “You’re talking, your bodies rocking, your relationships are epic and rocking. Your spiritual connection and internal piece are rocking. Why don’t you ever talk about your financial game?” And I said, “Huh?” and he replied, “You make 6- figures a month. Why don’t you ever speak that out?”

And I realized I still had a story there of something you don’t talk about that could be prideful, idtistical, or bad or wrong. And I said, “Interesting! Where did that story come from me?” What I realized is it was me being a single mom. I have two little boys, single mom and I’ve chosen to rock life and not live in a limited  way.

It was when I first saw Loral Langemeier. She has her own private jet and her nanny taking out her kids to her retreats, her experiences around the world while  making millions. It was the first time I was like “Ohh! It is possible!” It was like “Wow! How can I serve other people as I make money on Facebook if I don’t stand in my full truth and say this is what is possible for you or this is what you are capable of?”

If you believe in anything else, anything that is a settle or sacrifice, that’s your choice. That’s a story. I don’t believe in settle or sacrifice.

Make Money On Facebook By Speaking

Marci Lock

I was speaking at Business Harvard School this last weekend and I showed up in ripped jeans and high heels. This was dressed up for me Luis.

I’ve chosen now to live in Southern California’s paradise, being what I’m worthy of. I’m usually hanging in my bikini or my work-out gear and I was literally going to throw on tennis and my committed to awesomeness, tank tops and being that.

My assistants said, “Hey. Harvard Business School just…”


Luis Congdon

Step it up, Marci.

Marci Lock

They were like “Marci, you should know it’s business.”

I stepped it up. I wore some cute little high heel boots with my ripped jeans and my committed to awesomeness tank and a little nice vest thing over.

What was funny is after that, many people came out to me and I was the only one in ripped jeans. Everyone was very business dressed and someone came up to me.


Luis Congdon

I want to back up for a moment because you said something cool and for me it’s important and speaks to my journey and the journey that people take to  make money on Facebook. It’s also important for the community of podcasters that I host. The people have been watching this evolution that I’ve been going through. You spoke well too. You can make money on Facebook just by speaking!

First of all, I want to share my experience.

For nearly 6 months, I was running this make money on Facebook group. It grows fast and one other things is, I got on a call with a coach and he said “Luis, are you making any kind of pitches?” and I said “No.” and he goes “So you have a target make money on Facebook group of 600 people. You’ve been running it for nearly 6 months and you never made a pitch?” and I said “No. That seems weird,” and he goes “You need to! You need to share with people that you have a program and a product.”

Let Other Know It Is Possible To Make Money On Facebook


Luis Congdon

And at that time, it was first time I needed to raise $11,000 in a month. He said “You need to start pitching. I know you’re scared of it and as conscious and heart-centered entrepreneurs, sometimes we think pitching is utter that we shouldn’t let people know, “I have a program that so much it would cost you. You should join it. You’re lucky if you can get in.” That kind of thing we shouldn’t be sharing. That people should somehow just come begging without us letting them know. He said that to me and I was like “Yeah. I’m going to do that.”

And we raised the $11,000 and it was incredible to do that in less than a month plus we raised more. It was one of the biggest months we’ve ever had in sales and it was because I started letting people know, “Hey. This is what we’re up to. This is an incredible opportunity.” People see your value and so you make money on Facebook.

By the way I love your Harvard thing and getting dressed up but can you share with us a little bit about how you let people know you have something to sell and how to make money on Facebook.

Because when we make a post like “Hey guys I’m running a course, come and join it!” I go, “Oh my gosh. This person is selling me,” and you have very unique way of doing that where you share a story or a testimony.

Can you tell me a little bit about how to do that? To make money on Facebook can be complicated.

Authentic YOU to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock


Marci Lock Make Money on Facebook Thriving Launch Podcast

Marci Lock

My point of the Harvard thing is standing in my authenticity. This is me. This is who I am. I am just here to be me.

When you mentioned earlier, there’s like kind of a sneaky way about my ways on how I make money on Facebook and using it for sales. I don’t even see it. That’s not my perception.

My perception is Facebook is a platform where I have the world’s eyes.

I can say “Hey ya’ll. This is what I do. This is my gift and genius and this is how I can serve.” And if I’m not willing to do that and raise my hand, just like me authentically being on stage as me saying “This is who I am. I’m committed to awesomeness and I’m living in the truth of who I am.” What am I going to attract?

This is my point Luis if your goal is to make money on Facebook. If you’re wearing a mask and not showing up as you, all you’re attracting are people who don’t really like you. They’re going to pretend to like you because you’re pretending to be somebody else. And what you end up with is a bad experience.

Being authentically me is a big huge key to become effective on how to make money on Facebook.”This is who I am and this is what I do. I’m authentically being me.”

You know I use “Fucking fantastical” and all this. I’m very real and raw.


Luis Congdon

And booty shots.

Rejection Still Allows You To Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

A Love and Ass Grabs is one of my clothing lines committed to awesomeness. This is a part of my clothing line. It’s just my tagline because it came from me. It’s my language.

As part of that, what happens is, people that go, “Ahhh! You’re too much. You’re too this.” Awesome! They run away. And guess what! A rejection equals protection.


Luis Congdon

That’s cool. I want to touch on something there too because this speaks to a client that was recently speaking with Kamala.

This client comes to me and he says “Luis, should I create a different Facebook page, Twitter, Handle and just start over and create something? What if I share political things? What if I share movies that I’m really interested or if I want to swear? I talk about beers. What if I’m not just being PC and the kind of person that people love?”

Kamala and I’s response is “Be that guy! We want to know who you are.”

In an episode with Ben Settle, he talked about it. He writes in a way that you either hate him or you’ll like him. There’s no in between. It’s black and white. But these acts make money on Facebook.

If you’re passionate about something, let us know about it because if I’m not into it, fantastic! You just got to sign off. You saved yourself the heartache of having me sign up to be a client and say, “I want my money back,” or “Oh. You said that. I don’t like that.”

Instead, I sign up and go “I’m in for the Marci Lock ride.”

Make Money on Facebook Inside Out

Marci Lock

Exactly! You got it.

The whole point of this is it gives you this beautiful gift of seeing what’s going on inside you.

If you’re afraid of like, “Oh! I can’t say this. I can’t do this.” I remember having those stories. I was afraid to say the fuck word because I thought “Oh my gosh!”

An interesting little side note on that is when I was in Utah. I was actually on ABC 4 every single week as the Mindset Expert / Nutrition Fitness Mindset Expert. So I had a huge following in Utah and I used to speak there all the time before I moved to California. It was when I was on stage and the fuck word wanted to come through me and I stopped myself.

I asked myself some questions. I was like “Interesting!” because here, I’m committed to being an open tool in God’s hands to just share what I’m meant to share and to let it come through because I don’t care what you think about me. The only business should be the business of what I think about myself.

It was interesting I realized I had these stories coming from Utah that “Oh! They’re going to think I’m not religious or spiritual. I’m bad or rejected.” And it was interesting as I then decided “Okay, cool. It’s a form of passion for me and it’s calling people on their shit.” I got to ask even the thought of, where did this thought come from that this is a bad word. Well, that’s just what society has decided it means.

So maybe, it’s coming through me as a tool in God’s hands to trigger people because to him it doesn’t mean that story. It’s just a story we’ve created.

For me Luis, I’m doing this to make money on Facebook. Yes! I am effective because I’m claiming my words and I’m speaking my truth and that is what’s actually going on.

To make money on Facebook, I’m saying “Hey guys! This is what I do and this is my message.” I’m literally saying I’m worthy being seen and heard. I’m worthy of receiving money because I’m worthy of giving my value to the world. Make money on Facebook by showing them who you are.

Marci Lock Make Money on Facebook Thriving Launch Podcast

Be Who YOU are to Make Money on Facebook


Kamala Chambers

The message you’re saying here is be who you are full out.

I find that what gets the most engagement on Facebook is the post where I say something vulnerable, raw, and real. That’s what people love and drawn too.

It’s not just about saying, “I have a new program coming out,” or “I have this new thing I’m doing.” It’s about showing who you are and showing the struggles because that humanist is what people are attracted to.

I love to hear from you what are some very clear and specific action steps that you would give to people for growing their traffic organically and make money on Facebook?

Marci Lock



Luis Congdon

One of the first things that Marci has touched on is being authentic and genuine to who you are because if there’s one of you, there’s millions of you. I mean not to say that everybody’s a clone of everyone else.

If you like soccer, there are millions or billions of people that love soccer too. So go ahead and share that.

Marci Lock



Luis Congdon

You can connect to that. If you like painting or meditating, share that and let people know that’s what you’re up to, what you’re excited and passionate about.

Go ahead Marci. Take it away. I just wanted to touch on that because that’s a key.

Make Money on Facebook Using Strategic Posts

Marci Lock

No. That’s perfect. That’s beautiful. And Kamala, you totally nailed the whole the idea.

You’re talking about a call to action to raise your hands saying “This is what I offer.” That’s a call to action, a strategy.

If you look how I make money on Facebook, hardly ever do I give a call to action. There’s definitely call to action and this is where we can get into the strategies, specifics, and the simplicity of it which again it’s easy.

That’s what I want to put out there is that all of these people have these stories like “Well, I don’t have a market. I don’t have an email list. I need a website. I need this.”

I did $50,000 basically on my first month that I started just doing basic, simple how to make money on Facebook strategy. I did not have a site to send them too. The call to action was “Message me.” It was like “Message me if you’re ready to break through the bullshit to get breakthrough results.”

Make Money On Facebook By Sharing Your Message

Marci Lock

It was something so simple and I hit 100,000 a month before even having a website too. Those things are the strategy that we can get to and raising your hand but you look at my Facebook page, it’s about what Kamala’s talking about. It’s about just sharing my message.

I’m raising my hand by saying “This is my experience. This is what I learn,” and being the real me..

Well, if people are following you because you’re inspiring them and you’re sharing your message and you’re building your tribe like you’re saying Luis, which is like “I’m saying this is what I’m into and I’m doing it authentically. I’m going to draw to me those people.” Then I can have those calls to action and people will go, “Okay. Cool. Yeah, I want that.”

So a couple things is we can go into a real clear strategy of what a post that can make money on Facebook looks like.


Kamala Chambers

Yes! That’ll be awesome.

Marci Lock

I think that would probably serve these people the most and then we can talk about some other ways that you can build that following by simple things that you might not even be looking for.

Have A Clear Branding To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

So if you look at my post, I tend to just play around with it now because I have such a big following and I’ve been doing this for a while. Obviously, we have a massive list where it’s usually booked out about 6 months in my programs.

Yet, if I want to go back to very basic and what I teach my clients is your first line is getting clear on your branding to make money on Facebook. So it’s consistent.

If you look at mine I have “Lockin Down the Truth…” Or it might be “Lockin Down the Truth on authenticity,” or “Lockin Down the Truth with such and such.” I play with that but it’s “Lockin Down on the Truth.” You don’t necessarily have to have this but there’s a way of starting to.

Create Value to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock Make Money on Facebook Thriving Launch Podcast

Marci Lock

So for me, when I first decided I was going to utilize and make money on Facebook, I made a commitment that I’m going to be a value creator. I’m here to create value for the world.

I’m committed to doing 3 to 5 posts a day to start building this consistency for people to follow you. They know that you’re here to share value.  You’re on their newsfeed.

I get people that message me every day and I have no idea. They’re sharing to their friends, etceteras. They’re like “Check out Marci Lock’s videos.” Just follow me because I’m there to create value. So get or not. There will be just call to action, call to action, call to action or not. I’m not there to be a salesperson. I’m there to fucking create value.

So if I have Lockin Down the Truth, they know that you might have a true wealth tip of the day or whatever your message is. Whoever you are, you could have that branding so people know this is you sharing value. That’s why I have “Lockin Down the Truth.”

The next thing to understand is that your mind works in a gapping.

When you looked at posts and you see someone that has a paragraph or two paragraphs long with no break in between it, you start reading that sucker and you’re like “Ughhh!” and your mind gets overwhelmed and you’re done.

Your mind works in chunking. And this is important to realize that if you want to continue to keep their attention, you have to make a post that your mind will follow it.

So I would say “Lockin Down the Truth… ”

Using An Oxymoron To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

Then the next thing we’re going to have is the title. This title is like an oxymoron.

Let’s say for instance, “Cookie dough that burns fat.” You’re like “Huh?!” One of my favorite videos was like “Are you a douchebag?” They’re like “What?! What is she talking about? What is this?” It might be like “Make money on Facebook by stopping.” And they’re like “Huh?!”

People just want to know what you’re talking about. So they’re going to click on that play button or they’re going to actually take in the information and keep going.

If you look it like a video or a picture post to make money on Facebook, you notice the space above it? There’s not that much. There’s basically room for your branding headline, space a title which is your oxymoron space. And then, you have a link, if you have one or you do have a site.

Now remember, I did not have a link or a site. Still to this day right now, I’m not doing target ads, any ads, or anything at all and we’re doing a couple 100,000 a month.

My team’s actually just about to do Christmas launch. We’re going to do a whole new series and have some ads going but I didn’t have anything.

Format Of A Post That Can Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

So if you don’t have anything, don’t worry about this part but if you do and you want to send somebody somewhere to fill out an application or get a free video series or whatever it is, this is where you’d have your link. And you put “CLICK HERE” in big letters link.

So now when somebody sees the little tiny bit above a video in their news feed, what they’re going to see is “Locking Down The Truth” title “Cookie Dough That Burns Fat” or “Are You A Douchebag?” or whatever it is that draws their attention and then a link.

If they don’t click on continue or read more or whatever it is to see more, they literally have the option just clicking the link and it takes them right to where you want them to go.

If you’re now looking at the whole normal post, below your link, you’ve got a space and then this is where your copy goes. Think about your copy as your message. What are you trying to say?

And if you got a video that explains, you might not want a lot of copy. You use a title that draws them in or you might have a couple little side notes or you might have a picture inspiring them with a little bit of copy and you’re just going to still chunk it up depending on how much that is, a couple lines at most.

And again, you guys can go to my posts of how I make money on Facebook and see the evidence of this stuff where it’s just the chunking and taking people through the message.

Effective Call to Action to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

After you have your copy, you’re going to have your CTA or your Call to Action if you are doing a post that can make money on Facebook with that Call to Action.

I don’t even know if I do it everyday. If you’re starting out and can do 3-5 posts a day. I think approximately like I committed to always doing a video every day. So then I might do a video in the morning, right after I work out.

And again, 99% of my videos and everything is done totally make up free. People can tell. I’m just being real because I don’t give a fuck what people think about me because I love myself.

If I do a video, it might be later in the day. I might be hanging with my boys or it might be a quote.

There’s countless ways you can share and you want to try to share all these in different ways. There’s always doesn’t have to be one way but the most effective way for me to get across my message is through video.

If I go to one of my badass adventures that I run out of the country and I’m off the grid for two weeks and if I take a break at all of doing videos, I have less people messaging me.

Make Money On Facebook Easier By Doing Videos

Marci Lock

When I do a video, everyday I’m getting messages from people. “Oh my gosh, your video today smacked me in the face,” or “I don’t know how you showed up in my newsfeed. My friend shared me your video and what do you have?” or “You’re amazing. That helped me.”

This is another way you can see people are raising their hand that they want what you have. That call to action must be difficult to resist so you can make money on Facebook.

If it is a post that you are doing a call to action that you’re just starting off, I’d say once a day. No more  than that or for me, I maybe do once a week now because I’m not needing or seeking it. We’ve got plenty going on that I’ll just do when were like, “Hey, I feel inspired. This is what’s going on. Are you ready to break through this bullshit?”

Again, your call to action can be “Message me” and that will pave your way to make money on Facebook. You can also say, “If you’re ready to take this on,” or “Go here,” if you got somewhere where they go and then they get an application, etcetera. There are a couple things to understand with doing this.

For me, when I did have put up a site, I’d say, “Go here to get the free video series,” and I will have people that will say, “Well, I don’t get a lot of applications.” And a lot of times, this is where somebody are inspired by your link or by you and they go to your link and maybe they won’t finish filling out the application. This is all the inner bullshit that stops us from doing something because we’re afraid to create change.

Make Money On Facebook With Less Effort

Marci Lock

I find it’s more effective to literally ask your clients to message you. Because when they message you, they’re like, “Hey, what were you talking about there? What’s your offer here? What’s your 6-week breakthrough?” And you’re like, “Awesome! You know what, let me give you a gift. Let me send you a link.” And that’s where you give them. Then you’re interacting with them and you give them the next step where you’re like, “I want you to go through this information.”

For me, it doesn’t make sense for me to get on the phone with somebody or my team unless they’re authentically a part of our tribe. They want what we have. So they’re looking for the, “Yes, I’m ready for this.” They go through stuff and they fill an application and we’re like “Cool!” and then we take them to the next step. We don’t waste time, we make money on Facebook with less the effort.


Luis Congdon

That’s a cool piece. That’s awesome.

That’s business wisdom and I want to just extrapolate that a little bit more for the listener because I’ve made that mistake where I got on phone calls with tons of people where they’re like, “Yeah, I’m interested.”

Next thing I knew, I was talking to people that didn’t fully know what I was offering or weren’t fully invested and committed or didn’t have the investment to give themselves. I’d get on the call and it wasn’t great for either one of us.

Like today, someone messaged me and said, “Hey, I have this thing going on. I want to see if you can be a part of it. Maybe I can hire you to help.” And I said, “Why not you send me the information and I’ll take a look at it.” And that for me was new but I saved myself about an hour.

And I know this particular person could talk to me for an hour easily and it would be very hard to get off that call under an hour. She sent me all the information and I said, “Great! I’m happy to support it in ABCD,” and then, that’s it. I didn’t have to get on the call and it took me about 10-15 minutes to read her whole message and follow the link and go “Okay. This is how I can help.”

So that’s great stuff right there that you set up some sort of system that allows you to prequalify people. You send them to a page that basically says “This is a program. This is what you need to have if you’re interested. If you are, awesome! Message me back. Let me know you’re interested.” It saves the both of you so much time.

Evaluate Your Self-worth and Make Money on Facebook.

Marci Lock

The truth here Luis is that this a reflection of the level of your own self-worth. So I value my time and I value my worth and I only want to work with people or fuck yes on my side and their side. I have no desire to convince anyone or drag someone in because I’m not offering out of lack and scarcity. I’m operating out of the value of my own worth. My value is reflected as I make money on Facebook.

Of course, if they are in that place they’re in, they’re going to go through the stuff and then they can have all the knowledge and information about what I do.

When we have a conversation, my whole intention is to serve the person. It’s to see what’s showing up in life, to understand they are blocked and what would fit them best. If I don’t take the time to understand them and they don’t take the time to understand what’s going on, we can’t serve each other.

You can look at it as a business strategy but you have to understand that all things externally are reflection of your own self-worth and what’s going on internally.

Love Yourself to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

Someone might be like “I just wanted to connect and see if you could give me advice on this.” It’s like, instead of valuing your own time and being clear, awesome! If you do what you did where you’re like, “Okay. Well, what are you really seeking?” or “What’s really going on for you there?” I get those messages all the time. Like “Cool. You know what? My time is committed to this, so I can send you here,” or “I can give you a referral over here,” or “I can give you a connection here.”

And I’m clear on what I’m committed to because what you’re saying yes too, you’re also saying no too. If I say yes to every Tom that wants 5 minutes with me, which you know will turn into an hour, I’m saying no to my kids. I’m saying no to myself.


Luis Congdon

No to your kids and to that massage that you want to get.

Marci Lock

Yeah! I’m saying no to money. I’m saying no to other clients. You see my posts to make money on Facebook.  I get one every single Sundays. See, again another reflection of how I love myself.


Luis Congdon

I have a question here for you Marci. I think this is a good one for me because I’ve been using Facebook to connect with the people that connect with me and I’m having so much fun. And in that, I’m also reaping the benefits of increasing my clientele as well. This is an added bonus of building a tribe and being a tribe leader, a part of a tribe in a community not always the leader too.

Here’s my thing. You’re getting tons of friend requests and all sorts of people are requesting. I’m like “Who is this person?”

For me, it’s odd sometimes because I’ll make a post and I’ll get like 10 new friend requests. Sometimes what I find is those people aren’t fully interested in everything. They just read one thing, got an idea. And so I’m looking at your page with posts that Facebook, you’re like nearly maxed out of 5000.

Building Friends’ List To Make Money On Facebook


Luis Congdon

Have you found a way to help yourself pick who to bring in as a friend? Because that for me is key as I want the people on my friends list to be people that are friends with the message that I have or interested in what we’re sharing here.

What has been your method around that?

Marci Lock

I’ve maxed over 5000 and if I’m under again right now because I show up authentically and I get people that delete me which is awesome. Again, rejection equals protection.

I know I’m close to and I’m usually over. I’ve just created it where people can follow and I can actually follow but you do want to be able to add the people that you want to connect with and get clear on that.

I have friends that will post something that says “Can you see this?” It’s like a big picture says “Can you see this? If yes, comment.” You see that they’re on your news feed.

I have another one that it brings up whose birthdays it is. You can look at just the birthday list and check out the profiles and see if they aligned to you. Someone that you feel as a fit for you and you can delete people based on that and to clear more space.

I wasn’t conscious of it from the gecko because I was just like “I need to build my following.” This is a way that we can talk about building depending on our time because I know we’re getting close to 30 minutes already.


Luis Congdon

This is good stuff. Building that friends list is pretty important.

I’m at a place right now where I get a lot of requests constantly. Right now, I have over a hundred friend requests that I haven’t accepted and I just don’t know what to do with a hundred of people that I’ve never met but I also don’t want to take all the time to meet them. They need to interact with me. That’s how I meet you.

Effective Branding Statement to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

Cool. Let’s go there to up some ways that you can not only see what you probably aren’t seeing as far as leads that are in front of you and as well as building your friends. There’s actually a 3x3, a 5x5 and 10x10 strategies which I can share  so you can make money on Facebook

I want to niche back up though so that your viewers have the whole piece and perspective on the actual post because I know we didn’t finish that off where I talked about you do your branding, title, link and copy.

Then, you can do your call to action or if you have a brand, you do your brand back out. You look at mine again and how it has the copy. My ending statements, I use two. It’s either “Loves & Ass Grabs” because that’s just my lingo or it’s “The Power of Choice is Yours, Choose Your Best Life.” That’s one of my statements that I use.

“The Power of Choice is Yours, Choose Your Best Life,” Marci Lock, The Body, Mind Mentor. This is something that’s important. You must make statements that will lead you to make money on Facebook because these statements reflect the values that people must have.

We do our call to action which is like “Hey, message me” or “Go here” or whatever you want to do. Then I do my branding statement now which is “The Power of Choice is Yours, Choose your Best Life.” or “Loves & Ass Grabs” and then Marci Lock, The Body, Mind Mentor. The reason this is important, is say for instance, you guys create an awesome post and somebody shares it, and they might be like “Okay. Who’s this? This little message about this.”

Even just looking the post, you can get an idea of what I do because my random posts might be about anything. Either Marci Lock, The body, mind mentor, “Oh! Okay. Cool. Well, she sound some sort of body, mind mentor. I get it.”

Start With What You Know To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

So if I’m working with a high end personal client then we’re looking at their branding to be like “What are they want to be known for?” And people freak out about this. It’s like “I don’t know. I don’t know.” What do you know right now? Where do you get to start? Because this will shift and change.

You don’t have to have all these pieces together, know the whole way, have a website and all these things because that’s all inner bullshit based on our conditioning patterns of “This or that”, “Good or bad”, “Wrong or right”, “I’m going to be rejected.”

You’re just here to experience being you, grow on you, and share with other people. That’s the truth.

When we go “What do I know right now? Who do I want to be right now? Where do I want to share right now?” You start there. It’s going to grow, expand and change.

Sharing our life to others can actually help us to make money on Facebook.

You start with what you know, who you want to be, and where you want to share. Your message is going to grow, expand and change.

Build Friend Lists to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

So let’s jump over to what you’re asking which is how to build that friend’s list. Let’s say that you’re someone that I was. It was almost not even quite 2 years ago you guys when I started doing organic strategy to make money on Facebook.

Within the first month I hit 50 and then by the next month I’d hit a hundred thousand by using this basic strategy. That’s how you post and you’re committed to 3 to 5 posts a day.

Let’s look at how you build out that list and that following. There’s something known as 3x3x3 or 5x5x5.

If you want to build up your friends, you’re going to look for the people who would fit what you do or the people that you want to associate with.

If you look for those people, you’re going to add three people. You can also do 5. You can do up to 10 but Facebook does a lot of times slap you on the wrist and penalize you where you can’t get on for a couple of days if you do too many. So sticking to just 3x3x3 is safe or maybe 5x5x5.

Connect With Others To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

You’re like “Okay, I’m going to look for three people today that I’m going to add them as a friend. I’m going to comment and like on their posts so I’m connecting with them.” What happens is when you comment or like on someone’s page, they go “Who’s that?”

Next thing you know, they’re on your page wondering who you are and looking at who you are. The other thing is, by 3 other people, you can message them personally and it’s not to go “Hey! Here’s what I have. Check out my page.” or “Take this.” That’s a sales pitchy.

If you’re looking for those people that are there that you want to connect with and create value with, it’s like “Hey. I saw what you said.” It’s like connecting with you guys and seeing what you’re about.

Luis, you were the one that was like “Hey, I’ve been watching your page and I saw the video you did with Jesse Elder.” and like “Your message is like mine.” And we just like “Awesome!” We love to connect because we’re sharing these truths. We’re like “Yeah! Bad ass!” And we attract bad asses.

So you messaged someone and you’re like “Hey. I loved your message. I just want to connect with you.” “I’m happy to be able to connect now.” Or whatever it is and “Rock on.” It’s a supportive message, “Love to connect with you” kind of a thing. It’s not a “Let’s connect.” It’s just”I’m supporting you and I think what you’re doing is awesome.” You start to build more people by that.

See When Someone Raises Their Hand To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

And when you do this posting and sharing your truth, people are going to share your posts to their friends. Something else that you can become aware of is see when someone is raising their hand. This connections you’re making can lead you to make money on Facebook.

If I do a post and somebody shares it in and you know what they’ll tell you when people are commenting on that and the people are like, “Oh my God. She’s awesome!” or “I love this” or “I can’t wait to do this” or “I want this to happen.” That’s kind of the raising their hand that it resonates with them. They’re looking for that.

There’s been so many times I didn’t see this before where now if somebody’s like “She’s on my vision board.” I reach out and I personally message them like “Hey. You said in the post that I’m on your vision board. So obviously you’re seeking more. You’re seeking something. What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?” And then we get into a conversation and they’re in my program.

There’s been many people that I just feel so I also go off of inspiration because I believe in being in this alignment of knowing what I feel and thinking that I can be like “Oh. I’m supposed to message that person” or “Oh! This person kind of said this. I feel like I get to connect with them.”

If you’re just giving value where it’s like “Hey, you know what? If the message resonates for you, I’d be happy to give you a gift. Let me give you access to this. You can go through this stuff and see what comes up for you.”

Filtering People Saves Time To Make Money On Facebook

Marci Lock

You can either do two things.

In the beginning I used to say “You can have this gift. I’ll share this with you. It’s going to give you a lot of internal insight.” They’re like “Awesome! Thank you.” And I’m like “Cool. When could you commit to doing that by?” because I’m like “You’re looking about this much time. When can you do that by?” And they’re like “I can do that by Thursday.” So I’m like “Awesome. How about Thursday afternoon we connect?” and we’d set up a time.

But what I found Luis is the same thing you talked about where you might get on the phone with someone and maybe they’re not qualified or not interested in investing themselves.

That’s where now I love people like, “Go fill up an application and let’s take a look at it and we can see if they’re more of a fit for my online program” or something else’s going to serve them or going to talk to my team. Or if they’re more fit that they want to work with me personally on one of my masterminds.

Again, you can start to filter before you jump on the phone and do the next step. Filtering saves you time and effort and you can be sure you can make money on Facebook.


Luis Congdon

What kind of gift are you giving away?

Make People Get Value to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

I have several things. I used to do it through a free video series like I said but I found that a lot of people will be like “Hey. How do I found out more?” And I’d send them there and then I never hear from them or they didn’t fill an app.  Again, that’s because they’re too scared.

So I believe in walking them through the process or my team does. We give them access to a link which I’m happy to give out to your peeps and to you guys if you want to share that gives people an idea where we can say “Hey. This is what I share.”

That link gives them a webinar that I did where I break down a lot of internal bullshit. It helps people see their blocks, their buries are, their associations, or their triggers. They come out of that just like “Oh my gosh!” Like my high end clients come out of it with a list. It’s like all these things that they didn’t know were going on internally inside them.

No matter what, people are going to get value. That’s my intention. They’re going to get massive value from going through this and they’re going to decide from that and understand what I do if they want more. If they do, then cool. Then we can fill out an application. We can see where they are at and we can see what’s best for them. We can find that fit. Then you make money on Facebook.

I have a link for that, something else that I can share. I have another link that gives a couple of my free workouts, a couple of my meditations. I believe in giving tons of value. There’s another one that has a coaching on my What’s Relationship To Food That Looks At Your Internal triggers And Sabotage.

I usually give them both so they can see there’s this aspect, the rocking the body and looking at the triggers associations with food and meditations, etcetera. Then, the webinar helps them understand what their internal blocks are.


Kamala Chambers

Are there any last tips that you would want to make sure that people have for either creating their posts that can make money on Facebook or building their Facebook following?

Clear Internal Bullshit to Make Money on Facebook

Marci Lock

Whatever thoughts, beliefs, or feelings come up that stop you from doing it, that’s all your internal bullshit.

I might be happy to share with you guys 5 steps over from the Sabotage. And I might be able to get you guys this other audio that if you want to share with your audience that goes through that because it’s going through that.

What’s stopping you is the perception, the thought, the belief that allows you to raise your hands saying “Hey! This is what I learned today. This is what I want to share. This is what I want to do.” Just be committed to doing it for you. It’s an outlet for you to share your gifts to the world. Just doing that, people are going to come to you because you’re literally attracting the right people.

That’s my number one thing to go back to.


Kamala Chambers

That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for those.


Luis Congdon

You know, it’s so clear in today’s interview that we could easily be on the call with Marci for a long time. So I will have to get back on but right now it’s was such pleasure to have you on here. You gave away so many nuggets.

I want to remind people the key takeaway Marci is to be authentic, be true to yourself and share that with the world.

Marci Lock

Awesome. I love it you guys. Thanks you so much for having me.

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