Publicity Campaign – Transcript

Luis Congdon:

Hey, are you interested in learning more about publicity campaign to have more publicity, get your name, brand, and business out to the world?

Well, if you are, stay tuned because today, I’m going to teach you how to create an awesome publicity campaign that gets your message, your business, and your brand out to the whole world.

Hi! My name is Luis Congdon, host of the five-day/week podcast show, Thriving Launch. It’s doing five figures. I and my partner, Kamala Chambers, we host that show. We travel the world, and we have a lot experience in publicity with major publications, places like The Good Men Project, mindbodygreen, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine.

And I’ve been on over several hundred podcasts now. So I’m excited to dive in with you about the publicity campaign.

All right, so you’re thinking about having a publicity campaign to help push your brand or maybe a product or some part of your business to push it out there.

Publicity Campaign – Think Immediate

My first suggestion for you is think immediate, right at home. What’s within hands reach of you, for you, for your business, for your brand? What’s here right now?

The first thing I got to tell you is an email list.

I don’t care if it’s one person, two people, or a thousand people. If you have an email list, that’s your first go-to resource for getting your publicity out there.

Publicity Campaign – Utilize Social Media

Number two;

The second thing I want you to think about is kind of like your email list, but it is social media.

You’ve got YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and all these different places that you could be at and maybe you’re already using.

Part of your publicity campaign needs to include all the social media channels you’re using.

Social media is fantastic for getting the word out, for getting some brand awareness, and it’s right there. You don’t have to pay for it. Yes, you can pay to grow it, but you also probably have something right here, right now that you could start doing.

Publicity Campaign – Use Blogs, Podcasts, And Major Publications

The next piece of your publicity campaign is using blogs, podcasts, and major publications.

If you have a podcast, fantastic. Start using it to get the word out, to make whatever it is that you want, to be more public to the public.

If you don’t have a podcast, start one. If you don’t have a blog, start one. If you don’t write for major publications, and you don’t want to write for major publications, start looking at some publications that have your audience.

For example, I’m an entrepreneur. I’ll go to Entrepreneur magazine. I’m going to start reading articles and seeing the people that are writing about the content that matters to my audience and writing the content that I’m a fit for.

I can go on writing these writers, and ask them, “Hey, this is what I have to offer. I’m curious. Could I somehow get you to write a piece about this?” I’ve had a lot of luck doing that, and you can do that too.

Publicity Campaign – Start Getting On Podcasts

Another piece of your publicity campaign, something that we specialize in it at Thriving Launch and something I want to help you do is start getting on podcasts.

I know a lot of people in the business arena are utilizing podcasts for the publicity campaign.

Let me give you a few tips.

When it comes to getting on podcasts, something that podcasters love is you’ve listened to their show. You know something about their show.

If you go inside of iTunes and you’re looking at business-based podcasts, start looking at shows and listen to an episode or listen to two episodes so that you know. Read the description, visit their website, and then contact them, and lead with, “Hey, I listened to your show. I realized it’s about this and that, and I like this episode, and hey, my name is Luis Congdon. I do this and that, and I’d love to be on your show. I’m curious. Would it be a fit?”

Publicity Campaign – Pitch Podcasters

When you pitch podcasters, they’re going to be excited to hear from you. They’re going to be excited that you have listened to their show and you’ve somehow made yourself relevant.

I recommend you look at podcasts for getting on more shows or for your publicity campaign.

All right, so we’ve talked about creating a publicity campaign and some of the tips that I have for you.

If you’d like to learn more about podcasts and learn how to use podcasting for publicity because this is where I specialize, this is where I can help you.

If you’d like to learn more about how podcasts can help you with your publicity campaign, head on over to and I’m going to teach you how to dive into podcasts and how to use them for your publicity.

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