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Selling Skills



By learning selling skills, you can share your gift with the world. Everyone – not just salespeople – can benefit from having these skills.

On this episode, we’re going to talk more about sales and help reframe your idea of what selling is.

To us, selling is caring. It’s a moral obligation to try your best to let others know that you have something that can help change their lives.



arrow-iconSelling is caring.

arrow-iconSharing your gifts with the world is a part of selling.

arrow-iconIt’s a moral obligation as a human being to do your best to share with other people what you have that can change their lives.

arrow-iconA way to maintain your professionalism is to know what you want, not budge too much, and know what works best.

arrow-iconIf you change your formula and let the other person take control, it shows a lack of expertise, leadership, and professionalism.

arrow-iconWhen you have your boundaries clear, it opens more space within you to be able to give more to the client.

arrow-iconEven if you don’t want to be the sales person, it’s good to know sales skills because it helps in every area of life.

arrow-iconLearning sales in an evolving process. It’s something you can continue to improve on.




Luis Congdon

Hey there, Thriving Launchers, I’m excited because today, we’re going to talk about sales but hold on. Before you decide to stop the episode and move somewhere else, hold on.

We’re going to be talking about what we’ve learned after getting trained from the best world sales people, after going through the process of being a non-profit guy, a heart-centered coach. A man who moved into a world of sales, and have his own business, and the process, mindset, shift that had to happen so I could close deals, get people to sign on for $5,000 – 15,000, and what it takes to do that.

Isn’t that big of a stretch from wherever you’re at now to where you want to go?

If you want to learn how to do that, this week is going to help you dial that in. It’s because not only we are going to talk about mindset and reframing your idea of what selling is, we’re also going to take this whole week, and bring you some of the world’s best sales people. Those are the people I’ve personally had the opportunity and honor to train with, speak with, and watch them make sales that are unfathomable to most of us.

By listening to this episode’s week, you are going to learn how to become a more convincing person. You’re going to become a more charismatic person. You’re going to become the kind of person that doesn’t have to manipulate or coerce or talk people into buying something.

At the end of this week, if you listen to all these episodes, you’re going to be the kind of person that can have a conversation with somebody about your service and products. It’s going to be very relaxed, chill, and feel good you to make your offer and have them buy from you.

You’re going to make more sales after this week so stay tuned for this week because it’s the sales week, and we’re bringing you all the experts that we can imagine that you need to listen to for this week.

Stay tuned for today’s episode, and check out the next episode as well.

Hey, what’s up Thriving Launchers? Today, Kamala and I want to dive in with you about sales.

I can feel some of you cringing or feeling resistant or thinking, “I’m going to switch to another podcast show right now. I don’t want to talk about sales. I don’t want someone to try to train me to be a salesperson.”

That isn’t really what we’re going to do here today, but we do want to talk about the importance of sales. I want to give you some reframes to help you understand how simple, and how awesome selling can be, and how you can do it in a way that doesn’t even make you feel like you’re selling anything.

Kamala, you said something, and this is what happens for a lot of you. Something Kamala said was she didn’t want to feel like she was trained to pitch somebody or manipulate someone. I don’t remember exactly how you put it Kamala.


Kamala Chambers

Yeah, that’s a big one for me. I don’t want to try to convince someone to do something that isn’t going to benefit them.

Selling Skills – Position Your Product That People Will Want To Buy It

Look at sales differently and see the only way people are going to get the results is if they buy from you.

Selling Skills – Motivate People To Take Action

Some things drive people to act, and there are things that, “Well, I’ll do that later,” or “Maybe, I want it,” or “Maybe, this thing is better,” even though you already know that what you have to offer is the best out there. Right, Luis?


Luis Congdon

One of the things I’ve learned over time is I had certain belief systems and certain frames. It’s like you take a picture and put a frame around it, right?

Reframing The Concept Of Sales And Selling Skills

I had certain frames around this idea of what sales and selling skills were that made it very unappealing, disgusting, something I abhor and felt resistant. Over time, I’ve learned I could change that frame, and I could understand selling skills completely different.

One of the things I hear you talk about Kamala is sharing your gifts with the world is one of the selling skills. We not only owe it to ourselves and our business to learn selling skills.

I just feel like we’re cheating the world if we don’t learn how to present our services in a way that makes people want to buy and enroll.

Selling Skills – Convince People That What You Have Can Help Them

If you have the answer to cancer or AIDS or some other fatal disease, wouldn’t you learn how to convince people to take the antidote, the treatment that you have?

Right now, there aren’t cures or treatments that are known to everyone that work consistently, but if you came up with it, and no one knew about it, you’d have to convince one person, and then the next, and the next. That’s very much like with our skills and talents.

Getting Good At Sharing With People And With Selling Skills

If you’re good at what you do and love what you do, and it helps people, then you better get good at sharing that with people and helping them improve themselves. That’s one of the first reframes I want to give you.

Luis Congdon Selling Skills Thriving Launch Podcast

It sounds silly, but I do believe in it.

Learning Selling Skills As A Moral Obligation

If you’re not trying to manipulate someone into buying something that they don’t need, but you’re trying to help them buy something that can change their lives, then not only do you owe it to your business. You also have a moral obligation as a human being to do your best to share that with other people.


Kamala Chambers

I love the way you’re framing that Luis. I like it because of my background as a holistic practitioner, and then a lot of the clients we’ve worked with are in the holistic space.

Selling Skills Not Being Taught In Other Fields

We don’t learn selling skills. It’s not something that is taught alongside integrative medicine or relationship counseling or something like that, and it’s something important too.

I know in that past, I just figured if I created the best product, the best service, the best offer in the world, then people would just naturally buy it, and man, that was a sad wake-up call.

What I realized is that it wasn’t the case at all. We have also to be able to put it out there in a way people want it or motivated to take action, and some of those things are being clear.

Selling Skills Being About Clarity

Selling skills are so much about clarity, and being able to state what you have to offer is going to do for someone, what it’s not going to do for someone, who it’s for, who it’s not for, and how it’s different.

I’ve had a sales conversation recently where the person wanted to make adjustments to every little thing I was offering them. “Oh, well. I know you offered it this price but how about taking it down to this price? I know you want to meet on this platform but how about meeting on a different platform instead?”

Selling Skills – Avoid Making Adjustments

When we make adjustments and accommodate the person we’re making an offer with, we lose our power. We lose our place as the individual who knows what’s best.

When you’re putting it out there, and you’re saying, “I know what’s best and what’s going to help,” and you’re very clear about that, then you’re in a position of authority. But as soon as you start bending over backward for people, then you lose that power.

I know for me, I love helping people so much. It’s what I want to do with my life. I love helping people. I’m sure you’re the same way.

Selling Skills – Respect Your Authority

What I found is that the people I try to over accommodate for, make too many adjustments for, and bend over backward for, those are the people that don’t get the results. It’s because they don’t respect my authority as much because I don’t respect my authority when I bend over backward for them.

Just think about that when you’re trying to make an offer to someone. If they’re asking you to make all of these adjustments, and you do it because you’re afraid of losing the sale, well, they’re probably not going to respect your authority enough to follow through on what you’re offering.


Luis Congdon

Those are all fantastic points on selling skills.

That piece about people trying to maneuver and get you to move around for them is a common experience.

Selling Skills – Maintaining Professionalism

Luis Congdon Selling Skills Thriving Launch Podcast

Lead the person there and say, “I understand that you want to try this way and that way, but after coaching hundreds of clients, I’ve learned this is what works. If you trust me, you’ll find that this is what works.”

Clients, new customers, people that are inquiring about your services will try to mix and match. They will try to get you to meet at hours that you don’t usually meet. They’ll try to get to do all sorts of things that change your formula.

Selling Skills – Let Other Know That You’re The Expert

If you change a lot, then you’re communicating to that person, “I’m not a professional who’s in charge, and I’m now letting you take control,” which demonstrates not only a lack of professionalism but a lack of expertise, a lack of leadership.

We are not budging a lot for people not because we have to have it a certain way but because we’re the experts who are here to help.


Kamala Chambers

Yeah. That’s true.

Selling Skills – Bend And Flex With People

It’s not about being rigid that you can’t be flexible. I always see the picture of that blade of grass that’s too brittle, and it breaks, but when you have a blade of grass that’s moist, it bends, and it’s flexible, and it’s well rooted. That’s what I want to go for.

Bend and flex with people with the clarity and boundaries in place and with what you know.

If you know what’s proven and what works, then I encourage you not to try to bend over backward for people, and also not be rigid that you break.

Selling Skills – Be Generous

I find that it’s important to continue to be generous and to find ways to give someone an exceptional experience beyond what they think.

Keep meeting at hours you don’t want to meet at, and hopping on calls you don’t want to jump on, and doing things you don’t want to do, but you’re doing it for the client. It doesn’t put you in a position of generosity. It doesn’t put in the space of wanting to give more to the person.

Selling Skills – Setting Clear Boundaries

Kamala Chambers Selling Skills Thriving Launch Podcast


Luis Congdon

I love everything you’re saying there, Kamala.

Are there any other points you think people should get from today’s episode or some points we should give them to wrap up today’s episode?

Then, next week, they’ll have another episode and throughout the week maybe also, because this week, we’re going to be talking more about sales.

Are there any other points maybe they should look forward to in these interviews or any points you think are important they get today?

Not Only A Sales Person Should Learn Selling Skills


Kamala Chambers

Kamala Chambers Selling Skills Thriving Launch Podcast

I just encourage you to dive into this week where we’re going to talk to some of the most amazing sales experts that are out there. Listen in. Explore your realm of sales, and how you can expand your sales. Even if you think you’re good, you can always get better.

Learning Selling Skills As An Evolving Process

What I have to say is that selling skills are an ever evolving process. It’s something we can continue to improve on.

If you don’t like sales, you don’t have to be the one to do it in your business. You can partner up with someone who makes sales, or you can hire a sales team. We’ve done both, and it’s fantastic. You can always outsource the things you don’t like to do, but you should also have the selling skills in place.


Luis Congdon

All right, there you have it, Thriving Launchers.

Stay tuned for this week where we’re going to be diving in and talking about everything sales with the world’s most well-known sales people. Until tomorrow and the next episode, keep thriving.

Take something from today’s episode, apply it to your life as much as possible, and stay tuned for the next one where we’re going to dive deeper into the sales process and the mindset of a professional sales person.

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