About Kamala Chambers

I help entrepreneurs and businesses with a mission to get their message heard

and make passive income online.


Freedom stirs an insatiable drive within me. Freedom to live my dream life every single day. Freedom to be able to travel the world, help people across the globe and work from anywhere.

And my life mission is to support you in having the same kind of freedom. I got my first taste of freedom at a young age, and it has shaped my life ever since.

By the time I was 18, I had hitch-hiked across three provinces, 12 countries, and 20 states.

By the age of 20, I was a lead instructor at an Institute of Healing Arts, I owned my own business, and had traveled internationally with a video production company.

I spent most of my 20’s in school learning about healing arts and honing my online business skills. I earned multiple certifications in the wellness field: Energy Medicine Practioner and Instructor, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, Gem Stone Practioner, Health Coach, Wellness Practitioner, Sound Therapist, etc.

At the height of my practice, I was seeing primarily wellness practitioners. I discovered my passion for creating business strategies and action plans.

Launch Strategist And Passive Income Consultant

In 2010, I decided to transition my business online. I craved the freedom that an online business promised of not being tied to one location.

Now, as the CEO of Thriving Launch, my expertise in passive income and product launches allows me to work with coaches, brick and mortar businesses, and large companies.

I offer support with every aspect of a launch:

  • Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Creating Courses
  • Action Plans
  • Market Research
  • Developing High-End Programs
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Website Development
  • Marketing
  • Building Social Media Buzz
  • Product Launches
  • Podcasting
  • And More

Thriving Launch Podcast Host

In 2014, Luis convinced me to launch a podcast with him. I was extremely reluctant. I had spent years trying to build my name online and creating online courses. I felt like I had already tried everything. I had reached a plateau in my business.

I reluctantly agreed to launch our first podcast and was astounded by the results. Podcasting helped to build my name quicker than anything else. It made it easy to put out high-quality content consistently, and my online courses sold more in that first year podcasting than they had in the 4 years prior.

Luis and I both discovered that combining podcasting with online courses made an unstoppable combo. Our online courses made it easy to bring in passive income and podcasting drew in an audience excited to buy what we were offering. Luis and I now host the Thriving Launch Podcast. It’s a show that airs every weekday.

We interview leaders in the fields of business, wellness, relationships, and spirituality. Thriving Launch Podcast is made for the entrepreneur that wants to create the best life, the most loving relationship, and most successful business possible.

Launch School 

Launch School is an online classroom that gives all the action steps and accountability you need to launch your online course. I walk you through everything from creating your course to making passive income.

I created Launch School because it was the course I wish I had when I started launching online courses. It took me years of taking trainings, and collecting all the steps, to learn how to launch online programs. I wanted to make the path to passive income to be as easy as it could be. Since the creation of Launch School, the course has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches around the globe with their online launches.

Since the creation of Launch School, the course has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and coaches around the globe with their online launches.

Road To Love

I feel like my life has been one long epic love story and travel adventure.

I wrote the book Road to Love: Lessons and Love Letters from a Journey to Intimacy to try and capture some of that.

The book follows a 15-year journey through all of my past relationships. Through love letters, lessons and exercises, Road to Love aims to guide you to deeper levels of intimacy.

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Short Bio:

By the time Kamala Chambers was 18, she had hitch-hiked across three provinces, 12 countries, and 20 states. Travel formed her insatiable drive for freedom, and so she started her first business at 19. For over 10 years, she has mentored entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world; specializing in product launches, creating passive income, and podcast production. Her online business success allows her the freedom to travel the world and vacation at her self-built eco-home on the beautiful San Juan Islands. Kamala is known as a speaker, best-selling author, launch strategist, passive income consultant, podcast host, and the CEO of Thriving Launch. Learn more and stay in the know at https://www.thrivinglaunch.com

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